Mass Effect: Mercenaries

This is a Mass Effect FanFiction for Mass Effect 3, but it is from a different point of view from a character not even heard about.


18. Chapter 18:

Chapter 18:

We walked back into the house and started searching for Promethium's legs, two other Geth troopers were carrying him by his arms as they walked in with us. We searched in the debris for anything metal, when finally I kicked over a piece of ceiling that had come down, I found a part of his thigh that had come off. I reach down and picked it up, it must have weighed at least four or five pounds, I stood and walked over to Wayne and handed it to him. "Good, he said, that's a start." He took it and tossed it to one of the Geth, who caught it and showed it to Promethium. He nodded and the Geth put it in one of Wayne's supplies packs. Promethium tapped one of the Geth and they set him down on the floor, as he laid there small pools of the white liquid dripped from his legs. I saw something shimmer from underneath a piece of debris, so I walked over and tried to lift it but it was too heavy. "Wayne, I said, come help with this." He walked over and grabbed the other end of it, as we lifted it a flurry of snow and ash flew off of it. A Geth climbed under and grabbed the piece of metal. As he slid out I saw that it was Promethium's foot. The Geth stood and walked over to Promethium, then once again he showed it to Promethium and again he nodded. This went on for about an hour. Finally we found all the pieces and Wayne got to work, over the course of the early morning we heard gun fire and explosions in the distance, someone was out there, someone was fighting back and we had to help them. "Wayne, I said turning to him, stay here with some men." He looked up in surprise and said; "What, why?" I waited a second and said back; "Because we are going there." I pointed of in the direction of the next explosion. Wayne glanced over at the sound of the blast and nodded. "Don't you go shooting blind." He said. I nodded and said; "I won't." I then motioned for Spectra and the others to come over to me. "Spectra get Craan, I turned to Sala, Sala get one of your commandos, I looked at Corvo, Corvo get me another trooper, I looked at Ancona, Ancona you're staying here, then I looked over to Promethium, Promethium get me two of your officers, seeing as you can't walk yet." They all turned and called their chosen officers over. Craan ran over to us as Sala, Corvo, and Promethium's officers came as well. They introduced the officers by name, Sala's officer was named Sawn T'Lazen, Corvo had chosen a corporal named Sharon Redding, when the Geth officers finally came over the said their names were Magno, and Muscovite. Now we had to move, all of us together. We left at about 0900hrs and headed toward the sounds of the gun fire, we walked past houses and apartments as the sounds of battle got louder and louder. When we finally got to the middle of town we found bodies of humans, Reapers, and Cerberus alike all covered in snow and blood. But no sign of the killers besides the constant gun fire and explosions in the distance, when we looked up over the top of the buildings we saw smoke and flames, we were getting close but yet we were still far, far away. "Okay, I said, Sawn, Magno, you two scout ahead. They both nodded and took off into the city. We followed them at our own pace, when we finally caught up we saw them standing outside a building. "Hurry, Sawn said, up there." She pointed at the third story windows. I nodded and then we all took off upstairs. At the first floor Sawn said; "We saw them go inside about two minutes before you guys got here." At that we heard a loud sniper rifle go off, from the sound of it, it was a Valiant. So then we ran up the stairs, taking them three at a time. We got to the second floor in about three minutes, and another gun shot went off and then we got to the third floor and opened the door. When the door opened we saw a pair of snipers, they were covered in blood, and they were both holding Valiant sniper rifles. They were leaning out a pair of windows, I opened my mouth to speak as another gun shot came from one of their rifles. "Scuse me." At that the two snipers spun and aimed their rifles at us. We all threw our hands up in surrender and the snipers lowered their rifles. "Oh good, it's about time you got here, then the other one spoke, we've been at this for hours." The two of them had an identical voice and when they stood, the same height and body type. "What are your names?" I asked. "We're the Leon brothers, I'm Caesar, then the other cut in, and I'm Anthony. They both reached up, pulling the covers from their mouths and removing their hoods. They were twins, everything about them was the same but the color of their outfits. One's outfit was green and black while the other was the reverse of that. "Listen, I said, on our way over here we saw human bodies, where did they come from?" The twins looked down at their feet. "They were in our team, one said before the other on cut in, we're the only survivors." I nodded and said; "I see, well we have a camp about an hours walk from here, you can come with if you want." They nodded in unison as they threw their Valiants onto their backs and recovered their faces, as we walked out. On our way back to camp the twins were constantly chatting with Spectra and Craan. I, trying to be as not noticed as possible, drifted back closer to the four of them and caught onto their conversation. "So you see, Caesar said, with a Valiant the rifle auto reloads after a few shots, but a Widow II is a one shot clip so you have to wait and line up your shot, because if you miss it takes a while to reload, so thats why it's better to use a Valiant over a Widow." But Spectra of course argued that with this; "No, I couldn't take any rifle over my Widow...Carter gave this to me." I nodded. "That's my girl." I whispered to myself. Then a shot caught us off guard. I rushed forward as Corvo fell to the ground, I crouched down as Spectra, Craan, and the Leon twins fired off in the direction of the shot. "Corvo, I yelled, Corvo are you okay?" But I knew he wasn't okay because his body was spasming and as I removed his helmet blood came from between his lips. He coughed and said; "Sorry sir I wasn't paying attention." I looked down and saw blood coming from his chest near his lung. "Is it bad?" he asked before he coughed up more blood. "No you're good, nothing to worry about." He coughed again and his body spasmed as more blood came from his lips. "Sir if I may say?" I nodded. "Go ahead." He coughed again and said; "You're full of shit Carter, and that's why you're so good at your job." He coughed and more blood came from his mouth as he said; "Currahee." His body spasmed one last time and his head fell back onto the ground. I nodded and closed his cold, dead, unseeing eyes saying the meaning of his last words. "We stand alone, always." I slowly reached up and unclipped his tags from around his neck, then I set his hands on his chest. I stood with his tags in my hand and I tied them to my belt with the rest of them. "I'm sorry John, I said, I'm so sorry." I turned to the others and said; "Let's move, we have a long way to go." We walked in silence and I mean silence, nothing was moving, not even the wind. It was as if the whole world was mourning Corvo. Nature, it seemed, was in a strange state reflection. Finally we got back to camp, Promethium was repaired and Wayne and the others were sitting around a small fire. "Where's Corvo?" Wayne asked. I reached down and unhooked his tags from the others. I held them out to him and he took them from me, he let his hand fall and his head drop. His shoulders drooped and he opened his fingers letting the tags fall to the ground below, then he said out loud so everyone could hear him. "Jonathan Corvo has fallen to below the earth with the rest of our honored dead, Jonathan Corvo is now, like so many others, just another unknown soldier." After that we spent the next few second in silence, and then we all were taken over by anger, and we acted on it. We all left the camp and went searching for any enemy we could find to take out our rage on.
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