Mass Effect: Mercenaries

This is a Mass Effect FanFiction for Mass Effect 3, but it is from a different point of view from a character not even heard about.


17. Chapter 17:

Chapter 17:

Apparently our luck wasn't good enough, our house was there but, it was under Cerberus control. "Okay this is good, I said, Promethium you and your Geth come around behind." After a second I heard back from him. "Okay, he said, we are going." I nodded then turned to my men and said; "Let's move in." We started crawling toward the house quickly, but quietly. We jumped up and started running at the sound of gun fire from the back of the house, Promethium and the Geth had been engaged and we had to help them. "Go, breach the door." I yelled to Wayne. He ran ahead and punched straight through the metal that was once our front door, Sala, Spectra, Wayne and I ran in side and went for the distracted Cerberus Troopers in front of us. Wayne grabbed a Trooper's shoulder and stabbed his knife up into it's lung, he then removed the blade, flipped the knife, and brought it down into the troopers chest. The Trooper, unable to breathe, fell back onto the ground silently. Spectra came up behind another and snapped his neck, he fell to his knees and then the floor. Sala used her biotic powers to slice one open, as his blood splattered on the ground I knifed the Trooper in front of me with my Omni-blade. Before he could make a sound I reached around and grabbed the chin of his helmet, then I pulled toward me with enough strength that I could feel his neck break from the force. He silently dropped to the ground as I said into my comm link; "Weapons free, I repeat weapons free, bring them down now." Craan and the other remaining sniper were across the street with their rifles and they fired six or seven rounds through the windows hitting the Cerberus Troopers attacking the Geth at the back of the house. The rounds silently flew into the Cerberus Troopers back, one by one they were brought down. I walked to the back of the house and saw one was still moving, slowly crawling to his rifle so I came up behind him and drew my pistol. He rolled back to look at me and held up his hands in surrender, but it didn't matter to me as I fired three rounds through his helmet and into his head. He fell back flat on the ground dead, as I stepped past him I noticed that a small pool of blood was dying the snow around him red. I looked up at our once back yard to see the Geth coming out of cover, three were dead, the surviving Geth walked over to us and I just walked straight past them to Promethium in the back checking his dead men. I stopped and looked down at him as he shook his head. "Listen, I said, I'm didn't mean for this to happen, I was meaning to get here faster but you were engaged faster than I thought you would be." He stood and said; "It isn't your fault they fell, it is ours, we are all in this together and nothing will change that fact." I shook my head. "I know, I said, but you can still pull out you know...if you want to." I turned away and looked at the others and said; "It is still an option." I turned back and Promethium stood setting his hand on my shoulder. "No, we will stay and fight, for this world and the rest." We both turned and walked back across the yard to our men. I saw now that nothing would bring our men and us apart, we were soldiers and we would live up to that title every day of the rest of our lives. "Men, I shouted, we have now taken a home base, I looked around at each of my men, when we are done in the field we will, if can, return here for the night." Some nodded and others cheered. "Now, I said, settle in and get some sleep, because tomorrow we have some hunting to do." We all moved into Spectra and I's old house to set up camp, and after about an hour we went to sleep...but our time of happiness was short. We were woken up an hour later by an explosion, flames flew in through the windows, melting the snow on the floor. "MOVE, MOVE, MOVE, STAY LOW AND CRAWL TOWARD THE BACK OF THE HOUSE!!" I yelled over the roar of the fire. We all started crawling toward the back yard, as we got outside I saw the Geth moving out after us. Promethium crawled out, singed like the rest of us, but burned and dented from the multiple blasts of the explosions. The other Geth ran over to us but Promethium was still crawling, as he cleared the smoke around the house I saw that he was missing his legs, they had been blown off from one of the explosions that shook the house. I ran as fast as I could to get to him, as I pulled his arm I realized that he weighed more than I thought he did originally, mind you I had Corvo's help last time. I could hardly move him a foot, so I turned toward Spectra and yelled; "Spec get over here, help me with him." She ran over to us and grabbed Promethium's other arm, we pulled together and dragged him over with the rest of us. As I stood a bullet flew past my shoulder and into the snow. I turned on reflex and fired three rounds from my pistol into the approaching Cerberus Trooper, he flew back as if he was clothes lined and slid down the snow covered hill. I reloaded my pistol and clipped it back onto my hip. "Men, I said, we've been engaged." I grabbed my rifle as a Cerberus drop ship flew in over head, four Cerberus Troopers jumped out and jetted down toward us. I unloaded half a clip into one and he dropped to the ground in a flurry of snow. The other three troopers began firing at me and as they did one was dropped by Craan. He too fell dead into the snow, at about that time the other two landed and another drop ship flew in. My men and I opened fire on them, four other troopers jumped off the other ship. The Geth and my men fired all their rounds into the drop ships and troopers coming in from the air. I turned and saw that even Promethium, leg less from the waist down, had a rifle and was shooting at the Cerberus troopers coming in. "Bring them down." I shouted. I narrowed my fire and dropped another trooper, but it didn't matter because four more dropped in to replace him. They were trying to over run us, and they were succeeding. We tried to stand our ground but we didn't have the man power, I turned to Corvo and yelled; "Corvo pull back, get out of here." He turned and ran to better ground with my men and the remaining Geth. I turned and grabbed Promethium and with all the strength I had I lifted him onto my shoulders. He weighed so much that I had to drop my rifle. That was it, I knew what I had to do, I reached down and activated my tech armor. Again I could hear a roar of anger and every thing was coated in red as time seemed to slow down. But with the activation of my armor I could feel the weight of Promethium's body seem to lighten, I had found the strength I needed. I ran for what seemed like hours, but what was really only a few minutes. We finally got to my men and I set Promethium down next to them and then turned back to the approaching Cerberus Troopers. I ran Omni- blades at the ready and began to rip them apart limb from limb. I stabbed one through the face and turned to kick the other trooper behind me. His helmet visor buckled into his eyes and his neck snapped, I ducked just in time for a trooper to swing his rifle over my head. I threw my arm up and slashed his rifle in half, he backed up and I put my Omni- blade into his chest. But before I could take him down multiple rounds flew in and tore the rest apart. Finally everything sped up again but mysteriously I didn't black out. I stayed awake and turned to see Spectra and Wayne standing behind me rifles smoking, and bodies heaving as they panted in exhaustion. I turned and jogged back over to Promethium and crouched down saying; "Wayne how long will it take for repairs?" He came up behind me and said; "Maybe a few hours, if we have most of the original parts." I nodded and stood. "Then, I said, we better get it done."
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