Mass Effect: Mercenaries

This is a Mass Effect FanFiction for Mass Effect 3, but it is from a different point of view from a character not even heard about.


15. Chapter 15:

Chapter 15:

We tried to retrace our steps, but the blizzard had covered our foot prints in the snow. We ran blind for almost an hour with Promethium and his Geth in front of us, then one of the Geth troopers tripped and fell flat in the snow. When we went to help him up we saw what he had tripped on and we noticed that the snow was a dark crimson color. We all did a quick 180 spin and saw at least twelve dead Cerberus troopers half covered by the blizzard snow. However the Geth had tripped on one of his own, it was the officer we had sent with Ancona. "Ancona, I called over the howling winter wind, Ancona are you out here?" Suddenly something grabbed my ankle, I jumped, looked down, and backed up to see Ancona's hand upright in the wind. "There she is, I yelled, dig her out!" Spectra, Promethium, and myself got to our knees and started digging down to her through the snow. We made it down to her helmet and saw it was cracked, then we made our way down to her breast line, and then down to her hips. She was hit in three places, her right shoulder, her left breast, and her stomach. Then we got to her thighs and calves, she was hit in her left thigh near her knee. We slowly pulled her out, Spectra and I holding each shoulder, and Promethium holding her feet. Wayne came over and took her into his arms, we couldn't have her out in the snow for to much longer or she would freeze to death. Promethium guided us to an abandoned building and we moved into the garage, when we got there Wayne helped set her down. Sala and her commandos slowly and carefully removed her armor to get to her wounds. As they removed her chest plate I saw that her breast wound was worse than we had thought, the bullet had entered but hadn't come out through her back. I watched in curiosity as they slowly moved her breast for a better angle for the wound and used their biotic powers to remove the bullet. I handed them some medi- gel to patch the wound. Then they moved to her shoulder wound and removed the bullet stuck there with biotic powers again. They used the medi- gel I had given them and patched up her shoulder. Luckily the other bullets had gone straight through, because we didn't have enough medi- gel for that. The commandos stood as Sala used her biotics to put Ancona in a state of unconsciousness, then she walked over to me and said; "The bullet that we removed from her chest was close to her lung so we'll have to wait and see if she lasts the night." I nodded and said back; "Thanks, and thanks for all your help, now try and get some sleep." Spectra came up behind me and said; "I'll watch her for the night." I nodded but before I could say anything Promethium cut in. "No, he said, We will, we can monitor her better since we don't require sleep like you do." Spectra set her hand on his shoulder and said; "Thank you but you don't have to." He nodded quickly and said back; "Yes we do, we didn't trust her at first so we need to repay her for her trusting us, he turned to look at her, after all she did help with the Cerberus, and besides you need the rest for tomorrow." I patted his metal arm. "Thank you, I said, and good luck." He nodded and walked over towards Ancona with his troopers following him as I turned and walked toward my men. As we laid down for the night I prayed that she would be okay.
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