Mass Effect: Mercenaries

This is a Mass Effect FanFiction for Mass Effect 3, but it is from a different point of view from a character not even heard about.


14. Chapter 14:

Chapter 14:

I woke up the next morning at the sound of the loading bay door opening. I leaned up to see a pair of Geth troopers walk in from the blizzard, they shook the snow off themselves as they walked toward Promethium. He stood from his chair and walked down to meet them, I couldn't hear them but by their body language I knew something was wrong. I stood and walked over to them. "What's up?" I asked. The two Geth from outside turned and looked at me then they walked away. Promethium spoke up and said; "I apologize for their theatrics." I shook my head. "Forget it, I said, I've had worse." He nodded and set his hand on my shoulder. "We have to leave, all of us." I cocked my head and gave him a questioning look as I asked; "Why, what's wrong?" He turned away and said; "Danger is upon us, an army of Cerberus are coming this way, he turned back to look at me, and we do not have enough men to defend ourselves." I looked into his singular eye and said; "Do not have fear brother, we will fight with you, I turned to look at my sleeping men, and we will a family." I walked over to my men and shook Wayne awake. He leaned up and said; "What is it." I shook Sala awake before I answered. They both stood up as I said; "An army of Cerberus is coming this way, now the Geth have agreed to help us but we still don't have the man power to defend this place, they both gave me a questioning look, so we have to move and find better ground." Wayne shook his head as Ancona came over to us. "How will we do that in a blizzard, we were lucky to find this place." He said. I lightly punched his shoulder and said; "It's easy, I turned and pointed to Promethium, we follow him." It took an hour for all of us, Geth included, to get ready to move. "Okay, I said to Promethium, let's go." He nodded and snapped his metal fingers, two Geth walked over and opened the loading bay door. As the door opened up, in came a cold and howling, blizzard wind. Promethium turned to my men and I and said; "Stay behind me and watch where you step." He took off into the white, followed closely by me and our men. We ran for so long that I couldn't keep track, he finally stopped for us to catch our breath. He turned to us and said; "We will stop here for rest, but we can not stay long, the Cerberus are on our trail for sure." That gave me an idea. "Promethium, I called over the wind, I have a plan." He stomped his way through the snow as he came to me. "Yes?" He asked. I motioned for my officers to come to us. Wayne, Spectra, Ancona, Sala, and Corvo came over. "Okay, I began, let's confuse them we have two people run one way while we run the other way, that way if we are engaged there will be less of them than before." Promethium nodded as Wayne asked; "Who do we sacrifice for this then?" I turned to look at Ancona and then I said; "Promethium, get me one of your officers." He stomped back over to one of his Geth troopers as I spoke to Ancona. "Ancona you're a phantom, she nodded, then let's have you live up to your name." Then Promethium came back followed by one of the other Geth. "Here is our lead officer." I nodded and said; "Okay, Ancona and him will go then." Promethium took my shoulder and said; "Why her?" I patted his metallic arm and said back; "Because she knows how to get the Cerberus to follow them...She's our only hope." He nodded and I sent Ancona and the Geth officer off to the west while we went north, and that was it. Soon, as I had predicted, we were engaged. My men dove for cover as a Nemesis sniped a Geth trooper. I handed my Cobra to Promethium and he fired a rocket into the window the shot had come from. After the rocket hit a large squad came out from the blizzard's white wind that they were using for cover. Some of the Geth that were with us charged them, three were cut down by an auto turret. Then suddenly a round came through the white, hit the turret and it exploded. I turned to where it had come from and was relieved to see who it was. It was Craan and the other snipers under Spectra's command, with them watching over us I stood from my cover and my men and I charged the Cerberus. Three more Cerberus were sniped as I clothes lined a Nemesis, she flew back two feet onto the ground. I slammed my foot down onto her chest and fired a flurry of rounds into her face. A spray of blood flew up into the snow filled wind and I threw my rifle onto my shoulder, and drew my pistol as a Guardian ran toward me. I fired four or five rounds into it's shield's visor, small sprays of blood flew outwards with each bullet's impact. It's body dropped to the ground almost instantly, I turned and saw one of my men's body blocked from a couple rounds as a Geth jumped in the way. The bullets impacted his leg and he dropped to his knees a another bullet flew into the side of his head. Sparks flew from it's eye as the bullet entered, my trooper in a spite of rage, sent rounds into the Cerberus Trooper's chest. The rounds tore into his body, a spray of blood shot out once more into the howling blizzard wind as the armor protecting his body was torn apart. I looked back as another Trooper ran toward me, I put my rifle straight out in front of me and fired the rest of the clip into his chest. The Trooper fell to his knees and I fired one round into his head. The round exited the back of his head surrounded by an explosion of viscera and gore. His head snapped back and he fell back onto the ground. Then over the gunfire and howling wind of the blizzard, I heard a gun cock behind my head. But before the gunman could fire, his arm was jerked away by some unseen force. I turned to look and saw Wayne crack the troopers neck with just a twitch of his bionic hand. Then I saw a Nemesis running up to him so I activated my Omni-blade and put it through her face. Her arms dropped and she fell back onto the ground, after a second the gun fire ceased and as I walked up to the Nemesis' dead body a pool of crimson had dyed the snow around her red. Then Ancona's voice came in through the comm link. "Carter, it's me we need help, we were engaged and we've been over run-" Then gun fire and static followed. I turned to Promethium and said; "We have to go and find our decoy troopers now." He nodded and said back; "Okay follow us." He turned and once again took off into the snow followed closely behind by our men. We had to find them, both of them.
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