Mass Effect: Mercenaries

This is a Mass Effect FanFiction for Mass Effect 3, but it is from a different point of view from a character not even heard about.


13. Chapter 13:

Chapter 13:

No one spoke for the whole hour we walked, then through the howl of the wind one of the snipers spoke up into the comm link. "Sir, it's Craan, we have movement." I nodded to myself, "What do you see?" I asked. After a second Craan came back with; "It's nothing just some Geth." I tapped the side of my helmet and said; "Yeah well, if they pose any kind of threat you know what to do." I looked at Spectra then I re-thought the statement. "How far away are they from us?" I asked. After a moment of static I got back the response of; "Approximately twelve kilometers to the north." I turned my men and said; "Okay men we have possible friendlies out there in this blizzard, let's find 'em." We all started running blind in the white out, we knew they were north of us, just not where north of us. We walked in circles for about an hour and then we ran into them, literally. I was walking and then I was on the ground looking up at an angry Geth, pointing it's rifle at my face. I raised my hands and slowly stood, as I stood the Geth leveled his rifle with my head. "Look, I said, I know you probably have no idea what I'm saying, but we need your help." It's head cocked and bobbed like a birds, then it lowered it's rifle and motioned for us to follow it. I nodded and we all fell in behind it. We walked for about ten minutes in the blizzard, the only thing we could see was whoever was in front of us. Finally we got to a building and the Geth stopped and turned to us, then again it motioned for us to follow it. We all walked inside and saw almost twelve Geth troopers standing around. The Geth that guided us shook off the snow on it's shoulders and set it's rifle down. I couldn't tell out in the blizzard, but the metal plates on his body were a paisley, camouflage green. Finally it spoke to us and said; "Welcome humans, it's voice was highly robotic, please make yourselves at home." it sounded almost like a recording, I turned to my men. "Settle in men, if everything goes right we may be here for a while." They all shook off the snow from there armor and hooked their rifles on their backs. I motioned for my officers to come over. Wayne, Sala, Spectra, Ancona, and Corvo came running over to me. I followed the Geth to his chair and he sat down. "Thank you for your hospitality." He nodded and said; "It is my pleasure to help others." I noticed that with each word there was a small but noticeable pause. "Do you have a name friend?" He nodded and stood. "Yes, my name is Promo." He reached out his hand for me to shake, so I reached up and took it. "Now, I said, I have another question for you" He nodded, sat back down, and cocked his head to the side. "How can you speak our language so well?" I asked. "I have taken the time to learn it." He said back. "I see, I said, well let's not continue as strangers, my name is Carter Mustang." He nodded and said; "Noted, and who are they?" I raised my eyebrows in the surprise that I had forgotten they were there. "Oh, this is my wife Spectra, I pointed at her, and this is Wayne, he nodded, his wife Sala, she waved, my Second Lieutenant John Corvo, he saluted, and this is Ancona." Promo leaned over in his chair to look behind Corvo at Ancona, then he stood and walked down to her, inspected her, and then he snapped his fingers. When he did three other Geth grabbed her shoulders and pushed her down to the ground. "Hey whoa!, I said, let her go, she's with us." Promo cocked his head and said; "How can you trust her?" I set my hand on his shoulder and said; "Because...she saved my life, more than once." He looked down at his feet and nodded, then he turned and waved the other Geth away. They let go of Ancona and walked back to their posts. Promo turned back to me and said; "I hope you're right." he stepped past me and sat back down in his chair. I looked around the building, then I sighed and asked; "Are we all that's left?" He shook his head and said; "No, there are more of my Geth outside looking for survivors." I nodded and said; "May I make an announcement?" He stood and said; "Of course, just let me get their attention." he clapped his hands once or twice and all the other Geth turned to look at us. He held out his hand as an invitation for me to speak. I stepped past him and said; "Look I know you don't like us very much for what we've done to your kind in the past, but all that's behind us and if you're willing the world needs you men and I live by a saying. I turned toward my men and said; "Currahee." My men said back; "We stand alone." I then turned back to the Geth and said; "We need your help...please." I saw a few of them nod before I turned back to Promo and said; "Thanks." He nodded. "I understand you're words and agree with them, we will help you as much as we can." I set my hand on his shoulder and said; "Thank you Promo, but I do have one more question." He nodded and asked; "What is it?" I said; "Is Promo your full name?" He shook his head. "No, my full name is Promethium." Good, I thought, now we understand each other. "Listen, I said, do you have a place for me and my men to sleep?" Promethium nodded and said; "You can sleep where ever you want, this is your home now as much as it is ours. I set my hand on his shoulder once again and said; "Thank you Promethium." He nodded and set his hand on my shoulder as well. "We are all family here Carter, it doesn't matter what race you are." I nodded and my officers and I walked back to my men. After about an hour after we all got settled in and we fell asleep, everyone but the Geth and Ancona.
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