Mass Effect: Mercenaries

This is a Mass Effect FanFiction for Mass Effect 3, but it is from a different point of view from a character not even heard about.


12. Chapter 12:

Chapter 12:

I crawled to the edge of the building and got my rifle out. I could hardly hear Wayne in the comm link over the howling wind of the blizzard. "Carter can you hear m-" a big buzz of static came in. I tapped the side of my helmet. "Wayne come back on that last." After a second of static Wayne came in again. "Carter it's Wayne can you h-" again static followed. I said back into the comm link. "Wayne check your frequency, I'm on channel eight." Finally we got a good connection. "Carter are you there, Wayne here come back." I nodded and said back; "Okay that's a good connection Wayne, listen I have eyes on the targets." I looked over to the surrounding buildings and said; "Snipers it's time...drop 'em." We all fired rounds into the Cerberus starting with the Atlas's and working our way down to the Troopers. After five minutes of confusion on their end, the Cerberus started diving to pieces of rubble and debris for cover. "All snipers cease fire." I said into the comm link. I stood and started back down stairs toward my waiting men in their trenches. I looked at them all for a minute and said; "In the shadow of fear." They all responded with; "We are the light." I nodded and continued. "In the face of betrayal." Once again they said; "We are the light." I waited for a second and finished with; "In the eclipse of darkness." Then we all yelled over the storm; "WE ARE THE LIGHT!!!" Then we all turned and climbed out of the trench and charged toward what was left of the Cerberus army. Right away three of my men were cut down by the Troopers in cover, then Sala, and her Commandos flanked the troopers using their biotic powers to attack them. I ran up and connected the butt of my rifle with a Trooper's face. Then Wayne, Corvo, Ancona, and some of my men came in from the west. I watched Ancona impale two of the Troopers with her swords. Corvo shot one with his pistol and knifed another with his Omni-blade. Wayne upper cut another's chin with his bionic arm and then choke slammed him into the ground. I turned back and tore into a Trooper's chest plate with my rifle. He went to his knees, looked up at me and then fell dead at my feet. I walked back and collected the tags of my dead men. One private, One sergeant, and another corporal. Private Toby Welch age 19 ht 6'0 wt 190 lbs. Sergeant Benjamin Keith age 22 ht 6'2 wt 194 lbs. Then corporal Natalie Schaffer age 31 ht 5'3 wt 118 lbs. "Dammit, so much death and I can't end it." I stood and walked over to Corvo and said; "Check the rest, make sure they're okay." He saluted and walked away. After a few minutes Wayne walked back up to me. I turned to him and asked; "Will we be here fighting for eternity?" He shook his head and said; "Never mind that." I looked down at my feet and said back; "You'll be fine while we will get left behind in this place." I turned around and then I saw it, the charred bodies of a little boy and his family still in a state of shock. The mother and father's bodies, as it seemed were protecting the little boy from what ever threat was coming toward them. Now I was shaking with rage and I knew I would kill everyone of the Cerberus we saw. Wayne came up behind me and set his hand on my shoulder and squeezed. "Come on, he said, we can't stay here." I turned and walked over to Spectra and she dove into my arms. She was crying and so was I, but you couldn't tell by looking at me. The three of us walked over to our men and we pulled apart to grab our rifles. We walked for about an hour before we were re-engaged, but this time it was by Reapers. Now I let the real monster free upon them as I activated my Omni-blades and tore them apart. I ran into the middle of the husks, I took ones head off and then I impaled another in the chest. I lifted it up and threw him onto the others, then I grabbed another's arm slashed it's side twice and then twisted the husk's arm back, stabbed it in the chest and threw it to the ground. I looked up and saw another coming toward me. I slashed it's arm off, impaled it's chest, and lifted it into the air. Then I slashed off the husk's leg and I stabbed it up through the chin and watched the tip of the blade come out the top of it's head. I kicked it back and then grabbed my rifle and emptied a full clip into the mob, I watched at least seven go to the ground. Instead of reloading I just drew my pistol and fired five rounds into their heads and saw their eyes explode in sparks. Then I dropped my firearms and grabbed my combat knives/bayonets, caught one's arm and slashed it across the throat, kicked another one in the stomach as hard as I could. It's stomach buckled inwards and it's eyes blew out wards in flames. Then I turned back and put my knives through the last husk's eyes. I dropped my knives and turned around to see all my men with looks of horror and amazement in their eyes. I didn't know what had happened, one minute I was mad and now I had slaughtered eighteen husks with hand to hand combat. I shrugged and said the one thing that came into my mind. "That's what I used to do." I walked up, sheathed my knives, grabbed my rifle and pistol and reloaded them then we left. Even to this day I still don't know what had happened there and probably never will.
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