Mass Effect: Mercenaries

This is a Mass Effect FanFiction for Mass Effect 3, but it is from a different point of view from a character not even heard about.


11. Chapter 11:

Chapter 11:

I woke up two hours later with Spectra laying next to me, not unconscious but asleep. Wayne was sitting on a pile of rumble next to me with some tags in his hands, then he looked up and saw I was awake so he stood and sat down next to me with his hand outstretched. I reached up and took the tags from him, they read; Private Alex Pentel age 20 ht 5'9 wt 128 lbs. I nodded and tied them to my belt with the rest of my collection. "Thanks Wayne, how's Sala?" I asked. He turned and looked across the field at her. "Asleep but alive, thanks to you comrade." I looked over at Spectra. "She's fine, he said, and as I hoped your body is adapting to these changes that the tech armor creates." I raised an eyebrow. "Ancona and Corvo?" Wayne smirked at my concern and said; "Worried so easy aren't you, they are both fine." I nodded. "Thank you old friend, try and get some rest though okay?" He smiled, stood, and walked across the field to Sala and laid down. I looked over at Spectra and said; "Spec you awake?" She lifted her head still half asleep at first, then she realized who it was and threw her arms around me almost sobbing. "Hey whoa, I said, I'm okay." Through her tears she said; "I know, I'm just happy that you're okay." I stroked her arm. "I just need to know if you're okay." I said. She nodded and hugged me tighter. "Good." I said and then we fell back to sleep again. About four hours later and large explosion woke us up. "What the fuck was that?" One of my men yelled from across the field. We looked up and saw it, a building was coming down nearby. "It's nothing, I yelled, just too much structural damage probably, forget it." Then I motioned for my officers to come over to me. Ancona, Corvo, Wayne, and Sala ran over to Spectra and I. "Okay we have to move, get to your squads and get them going." They all left and headed out for there squads. I looked to my feet and said; "This is gonna be a long day." Spectra put her hands on my shoulders and squeezed very lightly. I set my hands on hers and then I knew why she did it. I looked up at the tiny puffs of white slowly drifting down toward us. It was snowing, and it wasn't the small little droplet shaped ones either, it was the big fluffy cotton ball shaped ones. It was the most beautiful sight I had seen in the last year. But we didn't have the time to admire it. I turned to my men, who were all staring up in amazement, and said; "Men, looks like it's that time of year again, let's break out our winter wardrobes." It took about an hour for all of us to get into our new armor. As I attached my last bit of my armor, I stood up and threw my rifle over my shoulder. Then I turned and saw spectra attach a battle shield over her visor, and then she threw a fur covered hood up over her head. I did a quick 180 spin and checked everyone, the Asari commandos were dressed out in full fur covered armor. Wayne was wearing armor with a fur lined, midsection length cape. Then I turned to look at Corvo and my men, they were all wearing our newly made, fur insulated, pure white armor. I was wearing my specially made officer's armor. It was white, gray, and black camouflage. It had fur coverings and had a hood with a capa attached to my belt. I reached down, picked up my dog tag collection and tied them to my belt and capa. We headed out and moved toward the east, and then I had an idea.
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