Mass Effect: Mercenaries

This is a Mass Effect FanFiction for Mass Effect 3, but it is from a different point of view from a character not even heard about.


10. Chapter 10:

Chapter 10:
We stepped out of the ship and it took off. I looked around to get an idea of where we were, and then it hit me... I knew where we were. We were in Vancouver, we were home, and it was in worse shape than New York. But I couldn't let my feelings get in the way of the current situation. I turned to my men and said; "Set up a perimeter, and check your corners." Corvo, Wayne, Ancona, and Spectra came up behind me. Wayne put his heavy bionic hand on my shoulder and Spectra, who from what I could hear was close to tears, hugged me with all her heart and strength. "Carter my comrade, Wayne said, I am so sorry." I nodded and put my arm around Spectra's shoulders, then I turned and kissed the top of her head. Just then Sala walked up to Corvo and said; "The area is secured, the snipers are in place and my commandos have taken lead of each trooper squad, Then she walked up to me, and for what it's worth, you have my sympathy." I nodded and Spectra and I pulled back. I reached down and picked up Spectra's rifle and handed it to her. "We have to be strong now babe, I whispered, for everyone that was here when it happened okay?" She nodded and took a couple deep breaths. I turned back toward Wayne, Sala, and the others. "Wayne you're with Corvo and T'Uris." The three of them nodded. "Ancona, I said, you're with Spec and I." She nodded and walked over to us. "Okay let's move out. Wayne, Corvo, and T'Uris went west and got behind cover while Ancona, Spectra, and I went east down the road and waited for the Cerberus to drop in. We waited for about an hour and nothing happened. "Alright it's time for a test, I said as I turned back toward my men, men fire three shots at anything that looks strange to you." I turned back with my rifle at my shoulder and we all let off a barrage of gun fire. After the gun fire ceased all was quiet once again, nothing moved, not even the wind. Ancona turned to me and said; "Maybe we should try again tomorrow?" I shook my head. "No it's to quiet ,their out there, believe me their out there." I turned around to look at Sala and said into the comm link; "I though you said they were coming this way?" She stood up from her cover and raised her arms in the air. "I don't know they were coming this way earlier." Then we heard a rifle go off and before I knew it Wayne's bionic arm was in front of Sala's face and a round bounced off. Suddenly we were ambushed. "All call signs weapons free, weapons free, take'em out!" I shouted over the comms. In a matter of seconds we were almost over run by Cerberus troops. As we exchanged fire I saw one of the Asari commandos go down. Then I looked up and saw a Cerberus Trooper running for Spectra, who was distracted by a Guardian. I ran and dove in front of her and unloaded a full clip into the Trooper. As the rounds tore into him I was splattered in a spray of blood. Each bullet had ripped right through his armor and blew chunks of his flesh all over the ground. Then the ground shook and I looked up from the dead Trooper and saw a Cerberus Atlas come into view. "Back, back, back." I yelled. As we ran back for better ground to fight from, a bullet from the Atlas tore through my armor and into my leg. "Ahh, fuck!" I said as I fell to the ground. The Atlas came up in front of me and raised it's arm into the air, oh shit, I thought, it was gonna crush me, but before it could Spectra was in front of me. "Spectra, no!!" The Atlas's arm came down but it never hit. A large flash of purplish light came from Spectra's hands as she created a shock wave that knocked the Atlas off it's feet. The ground shook from the impact then the light died down and Spectra fell to the ground unconscious. I drug myself over to Spectra and raised my rifle as I laid protectively over her. I fired full clips into Cerberus Troops, and as I was running low a Nemesis came up and just before it shot me, two lines of bullets tore into it. I rolled to look back as Wayne, Sala, and Ancona came running to our rescue. Wayne grabbed my left arm and leg then threw me over his shoulders while Sala grabbed Spectra and did the same. As we ran back toward the new battle camp I saw Ancona slash a Cerberus in half and stab the Atlas driver in the head then she turned and followed suit. I raised my rifle and fired at least twenty rounds into the Cerberus Troopers giving chase. All but two of them went down then Ancona slashed one in the face and turned and kicked the other in the neck. He went down to his knees and she impaled his chest with her swords and then she continued to follow us to the camp. When we got to the camp Wayne and Sala set us on the ground."What happened out there?" Wayne asked. "I don't know exactly." I said. He looked down at my leg. "Who's your medical officer?" I looked over at Pentel. "Private Pentel." I said. Wayne stood up and shouted out; "Pentel get over here." I saw Pentel stand and jog over to us. He started taking off my thigh plates and dressing the wound. Then Sala came over from Spectra and crouched down to my level. "Go through what happened step by step okay?" I nodded "Okay, I began, I gave the order to fall back and as I was running I got hit in the AHH, SHIT PENTEL!!" He cringed. "Sorry Sir doing my best." I nodded. "Just be more careful okay, any way I got hit in the leg and the Atlas walked up and was about to crush me when Spectra jumped between us and this big flash of purplish light came from her hands, then this big shockwave came from her body and she passed out, that was it." Sala nodded and glanced back a Spectra. "That big flash was her biotic powers coming out, it's very rare for a Quarian to have them, as rare as it is for a human, or a Turian, or a Drell for that matter." I gave her a questioning look. "Then why did she pass out, and you don't." She nodded. "I did my first time, I was just like her." She turned to Wayne. "Do you remember when it happened?" He nodded and took her hand in his bionic one. "It's because the first time you do, it exhausts you to the point of collapse." He said. Just then Pentel tapped my shoulder and I looked over at him. "I'm done sir, you're good to go." I nodded and said; "Thanks Private." He started re attaching my thigh plates as I looked back at Sala. "Why didn't she use her biotics earlier?" I asked. Sala shrugged and said; "She probably only did it on instinct, who knows." A blur of motion caught my eye but it was only Pentel standing up and saluting. I looked back at Sala once again. "How long will she be out?" I asked. "Maybe four minutes, maybe four hours, it varies with race." She said. Suddenly a round flew over our heads and hit Pentel square in the face. He dropped to his knees, mouth and eyes wide open in surprise and then fell forward onto the ground dead. We all dropped to the ground and started firing at the coming Cerberus forces. Sala and her Commandos were suddenly gone and then in the middle of the army shooting at the Troopers. I rolled and shouted into comms to my snipers. "Give them some cover fire now!" Craan came back with; "Where's the captain?" That pissed me off so I yelled into the comms; "DON'T ARGUE WITH ME CRAAN, JUST START POPPING HEADS NOW!!" After a few seconds we heard sniper rifles going off and saw Cerberus Trooper's heads exploding in sprays of viscera and gore. But it wasn't enough, I knew what I had to do. I started to reach down to my Omni-tool when Wayne caught my wrist and said; "No, we don't know what it will do to you." I looked at him. "It won't matter, if I don't we'll all be dead anyway." I pulled my arm free and activated my new tech armor but this time I didn't black out. I heard a roar that I never thought would come from my throat in a million years. Time seemed to slow down and everything was coated in red. I ran toward the Troopers and started ripping them apart, and even though it seemed like hours, in truth it was a matter of seconds. Blood and gore splashed me with every slash of my Omni-blades, I turned and saw a Phantom running toward Sala but I was there blocking it's path and I swung and tore it's chest open and was sprayed with blood and I liked it, which still scares me to this day. I grabbed another Cerberus Trooper's arm and threw it to the ground, his body impacted the ground so hard that the concrete cracked under the force, I pulled my arm back and stabbed him through the chest and straight into the concrete road below. Then it was over, and then I passed out.
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