Mass Effect: Mercenaries

This is a Mass Effect FanFiction for Mass Effect 3, but it is from a different point of view from a character not even heard about.


1. Chapter 1:


My name is Carter Mustang, and I am a mercenary. I've been a hired gun for a little more than 20 years. But that's not where my story starts off. It starts 10 years ago, it starts just a little before the Reaper invasion of Earth. My story starts when I met my wife, her name is Spectra Ravega vas Nirvana. She is more beautiful than any other woman in the Galaxy. But not many people would know, she is a Quarian after all. My story is one of love, hate, war, and death. So let's get started.

Chapter 1:

It all starts on earth just inside Vancouver, it was 20:38 hours, I was hunting a target. I forget his name but he was Turian whoever he was, anyway I'm a close quarters kind of guy and I was just about to knife him when, BOOM!, A sniper round splattered his brains all over the pavement. I looked up and there she was, the most beautiful woman in the galaxy, her bright blue breather mask visor glowing in the dark. She was standing in the second story windows of an apartment building, but she had a Viper sniper rifle in her hands and before I had time to think about it, a round flew past my shoulder plate. "Whoa hey!" I shouted. She yelled back; "You stay there!" I could tell right away she was Quarian because their speech is highly accented, but it's a nice accent. I responded with; "Hey, take it easy, I'm not gonna hurt you." Of course she responded with; "Yeah you got that right...You try it and you'll look like him." She nodded to the Turian on the ground. I took a split second glance at him. I wanted to find out who she was so I said; "I'm gonna come up okay?" She nodded "Okay, but you keep a five foot radius of me at all times." Dammit, I thought then she'll have the upper hand, but I had to trust her. "Okay, I said, I'm coming up." She nodded again. "Then I'll be waiting." I waited for her to turn away from the window before I ran in the building. I took the stairs four at a time until I hit the second floor. When I got to the door, I slammed my shoulder into it as hard as I could. Mostly because the door was steel and because I wanted to make an entrance. I saw her jump when the door opened, as she did she brought the Viper up to her shoulder. I threw my hands up. "Hey easy, I said, See where my hands are?" She looked me up and down. "Just because I let you up here doesn't mean I trust you." I shook my head. "Obviously you do to some degree or my head wouldn't be on my shoulders." She set her shoulders and lowered her rifle to her waist. I then realized how rude that was. "Okay, I started, I think we got off to a bad start here, I'm Carter." She nodded again. "Spectra." she said. I noticed she was wearing all different shades of blue. From navy up too sky blue and every other one in the middle. I looked at her and said; "I get the feeling you like blue." She raised the rifle back up to her breast line. "Is that a problem?" I shook my head quickly. "NO, my favorite color is blue." At that she lowered the Viper again and set it on her hip. "Mine too." She said. That's when I noticed this fact about Quarian and Asari women. Asari have larger breasts and more narrow hips. Quarians however have a smaller cup size and very wide thick hips and that's what caught my eye. Then I blinked back to reality. "Alliance?" She asked. I shook my head. "No,not a chance, I nodded toward her, You?" Her shoulders drooped. "Do I look like an Alliance sniper to you?" Again I shook my head. "No not really." I took a couple steps closer to her. "Listen, I said, No one has ever stolen a kill from me and knowing you did makes me think that maybe we can help each other. She shook her head. "No way, other people are just a liability." I sighed. "Look, I began, seeing a woman as beautifully shaped as you, I noticed that she glanced down at herself, living like this bothers me okay?" She nodded "Okay?" I walked a little bit closer. "So come on whatda'ya say?" She sighed at me. "Okay I don't see any other option." So then we walked out together and started working as a team from then on. We got maybe 3 to 6 targets a week and over that time we made a lot of friends, as well as a lot of money. Finally after three years I proposed to her when I was twenty and her eighteen. Her, almost sobbing in joy agreed, so I put the ring on her finger, grabbed her by her shapely hips and we laughed and twirled. We felt like nothing could ruin our happiness...But we were so wrong.
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