The Purple Jacket and The Midnight Moon.

I am walking, It is dark, I am alone. I have been for walking for three hours. Somone is with me..I dont know who. I am scared and lost..Help Me.


2. Woods

Tillys POV

"Why?! I shouldve have known!! Everytime Andrew invites me to something like this, He leaves me alone in the dark, scary woods. I should have stayed home. Boyfriends are supposed to comfort you not leave you all alone, scared and lost! Being in the dark, damp woods all alone is scary." My thoughts were interupted by footsteps. "Hello? Is anybody there?" Im just 'imagining things'..I hope. This reminded me of the murder scenes in movies..I just laugh at the thought. "Shhh..Dont laugh." A deep dark whisper says. "Andrew!!" I scream runnning towards the direction I heard the whispers. "Haha!! I got you!" Andrew yells. "Im sorry, I love you baby." He says in a sorry and loving tone. "I love yo..I was about finish until he wraps me in his kiss. How can I be mad when he does that? I pull back and he whimpers, "Why did you do that?!" "Baby, I have to go home, Its almost midnight!" I reply back feeling sorry and mean. "Oh, Yeah. I guess you do." He agrees sounding depressed. "Let me give you a ride home?" He asks. We hop in his truck and pull up to my house. We kiss eachother goodnight and as Im walking to the front door, Andrew gets out of his truck. He grabs my hips and spins me around. "I love you baby! Dont go..Please?" He says and then he kisses me..Again. "Im sorry, I wish this night could last forever! But, It has to end sometime. I love you too babe." I reply sounding and feeling upset. I quietly sneak through the back door and creep up the stairs to my room. I get in the shower and throw on some shorts and a tank top. I lay down, looking through the channels when I see a show that looks like something I would watch. I like scary, creepy, paranormal type of movies(:. The title is "Curfew." I select it and start watching. "This movie isnt scary at all." I thought to myself.  The setting is in the woods and there is this thing following this girl. From what it looks like its sasquach or something. This is soo stupid. I turn the T.V off and try to go to bed when I hear a tapping at my window. "What the hell?" I ask silently. I look out my window and I think its Andrew. I open the window and I ask what he wants. He points and runs off. "Strange...Very very strange." I laugh. I close the window and lay back down, slowly drifting to sleep.

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