The Purple Jacket and The Midnight Moon.

I am walking, It is dark, I am alone. I have been for walking for three hours. Somone is with me..I dont know who. I am scared and lost..Help Me.


6. What the Hell!?

Andrews POV


I wake up because I heard a noise. I still hear it. Its a faint, screaming sound. I go towards the noise and it gets darker and darker the deeper I go into the cave. I grab my phone and use it for a source of light. What the...Ill never forget what I saw.


Tillys POV


Someones in the cave. I heard them pull up and so did Chris. Chris walks over to me and puts his hand over my mouth and sets me in his lap. I bite his hand and he slaps me. "Bad bitch...Dont bite."  He had something in his hand and it cut my face. "What the hell was that for?" I scream in a questioning tone. "Shut UP!" He yells. "No." I say snobbyish. He gets his necklace and undoes it. He puts it around my neck and cuts me. He grabs the object he had in his hand earlier barely scraping across forehead. My head starting stinging and I see blood. I thought I was going to die. I hear a gasp and look up. Ill never forget his facial expression and hell never forget what he saw.

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