The Purple Jacket and The Midnight Moon.

I am walking, It is dark, I am alone. I have been for walking for three hours. Somone is with me..I dont know who. I am scared and lost..Help Me.


5. The only hope is now gone.

Tilly's POV


I wake up and thankfully my clothes were still on, that means he didn' know, rape me. Unless he put them back on. Oh God kill me now. I try to get up but Im tied to the matttress. (<~ Tilly wrote this part(:. Thanks Man) I think fast trying to come up with something on how to untie myself. I look for my kidnapper. Chris..I cant believe it. Actually I can. About a year or two ago me and Chris dated..Worst mistake Ill ever make. He was so creepy..I dont know why I dated him. Im looking around hoping he doesnt know Im awake. I look at my phone but I have no service and 10% battery. Great. I try to remeber if I have my pocket knife or a pointy object but I dont. I wonder how long its been since hes taken me?


Andrews POV


Why isnt she texting back?! Is she mad at me? I hope not..I love her. I havent seen her for about 3 days. I have to go talk to her friends. I get in my truck and go to Biancas first. I pull up and Bianca still looks a little distraught from the weird thing that happened to her..I would be distraught also. I ask her if she had seen Tilly anywhere and she just shakes her head no and looks up at me with a look of worry in her eyes. She asks me if shes dead and I about cry. I ran out of the house and pray shes still alive. I think about the other friends she talks about and Sierra. Where does she live?  I drive around and I remeber she has horses. I go on the main highway and see a house with horses. I pull up and run to the door. I dont see a doorbell so I knock. A policeman comes up to the door and gives me the 'if your here for my daughter I will make you a woman' look. "Hello, Im Andrew. Is Sierra here?" I ask. "I have a question about Tilly." He looked a little relieved when I said Tilly, but not alot. "Sierra! This guy named Andrew has a question about Tilly!" He screamed. Sierra came to the door and her dad just stood there and stared at me. "Yes? Is Tilly okay?!" She asked worried. "See I dont know. Haave you seen or heard from her lately?" I ask. "No..Is everything okay?" She questions. "I dont know." I reply running to my truck. I hop in and an hours gone by. I look at my phone and see her picture. A little tear streams down my cheek when I remeber we have tracking devices for each other. If she has service and her phone is on..I can find her. I select the app and pray her phone is able to pick up the signal wherever she is. "Sorry we cant find the retriever..Try again later." I slam down on the gas and see a dirtroad. I pull of and start to cry out of frustration and worry. I see a cave and pull up to it. Looks like a good place to stay. I go in and lay down, slowly drifting to sleep.

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