The Purple Jacket and The Midnight Moon.

I am walking, It is dark, I am alone. I have been for walking for three hours. Somone is with me..I dont know who. I am scared and lost..Help Me.


8. The hospital

Andrew POV

I run to the hospital and ask the front desk where Telia Phillips is. Sir, You cant be with her right now shes in ICU (Intensive Care Unit). I run to the elevator and hit the up button I wait about 3 times. Its taking to long! I run to the stairs and run as fast as I can to the ICU room. Dr. Hays comes up to me and tells me to leave immediatley. No! I cant! Telias up there all alone and about to die! I cant I cant I cant!! Hays grabs me and I knock him out. I go through the main doors and find Telia. I go in the room and Look at Telia. Shes hooked up to so many machines. She looks..Like shes dying. Someone comes in the room and I start to feel numb then I dont remeber anything.

Telias POV

....(Shes in a coma)....

Biancas Beccas Sierras and Ambers POV (Also third person POV)

(All in Beccas living room watching T.V.)

Bianca turns T.V. Down.

Bianca: "I havent seen Tilly a long time, she hasnt answered her phone, her grandma and aunt left the state and her house is for sale." "Im getting worried."

Becca: "Thats the same thing I was thinking. What if someones taken her. I mean she likes to walk and thats an easy chance for someone to. Shes pretty and smart but not very observant. So it would be very easy."

Amber: "I think we need to call the police." *Gets out phone but doesnt dial 911.*

Sierra: "Guys!! The T.V.! Look!!!"

Sierra: *turns it up*

News Anchor:

 "16 year old girl Telia Phillps taken 4 weeks ago. Her birthday is May 28 1996 Andrew Espinosa, her boyfriend, ran to the police station and threw Chris Johnson at the police. He is severely injured. Andrew told the police he would be at the Hospital and they need to ask questions there. Telia is in ICU and isnt doing well. Her family has moved out of the state and put the house up for sale. If you know anything about this case call 580-772-8765 (fake number if its somebodys number it was on total accident.)

Becca and Bianca: "Hell no! That bitch!" *They run out to Beccas car and hop in.*

Sierra: "Shit! Amber get in your truck and follow them! Hurry!" *Sierra and Amber get in truck and follow.*

Becca: "Im gonna kill that bitch! He doesnt touch my friend without getting an ass whooping!

Bianca: "Becca! You dont need to go to jail on your birthday!"

Becca: "I dont care." *Hits the gas even harder.*

Bianca: "Becca you are really stressed. Let me drive." *Becca just leaves the car going all over the road and gets in the passenger seat.*

Bianca: "Becca!" *Grabs steering wheel and starts to drive.*

Sierra: "I think they turned left, maybe right?? I dont know! Becca drives way to crazy and fast!"

Amber: *writing down the turns* "Go left, then right, be careful there is a stop light after the right turn."

Sierra: *thinking* "This is when Amber being overly smart and oranized comes in handy." *says aloud* "Thank you!!" *turns left*

Bianca: "Were at the hospital! Oh look Sierra and Amber!" *Becca and Bianca get out*

Sierra: "I thought Becca was driving?"

Bianca: "She was, we switched."

Sierra: "When did yall have time?"

Bianca: "Becca just climed over into the passenger seat leaving the car swerving all over the road"

Sierra: "...Thats Becca for you!"

*Sierra Bianca Becca and Amber head to the hospital*

Becca: "Hey, Sir, Can you tell us which ICU room Telia Phillips is in?"

Dr. Hays: "Shes not accepting visitors at the time, Sorry."

Becca: "Come on guys lets find her."

Everybody else: "Okay."

Dr. Hays: "No!" *Grabs all four girls and throws them on the bench.* "Listen, Shes NOT ACCEPTING VISITORS!!"

*Girls get up and go to the elevator*

Bianca: "Hey, Becca, Did you get a good look at his name?"

*Amber and Sierra looked a little pale after she said that*

Becca: "Yeah..Why?

Bianca: "Think about it..."

Becca: "........."

Bianca: "........."

Amber: ".........."

Sierra: ".........."

Becca: "Oh My Gosh...No way. Its not possible, I mean why would he not let us.."

*Then everybody realized their worst nightmare was no longer a nightmare...*






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