The Purple Jacket and The Midnight Moon.

I am walking, It is dark, I am alone. I have been for walking for three hours. Somone is with me..I dont know who. I am scared and lost..Help Me.


4. How in the hell did I get here!?

I awaken and someone is wiping off my face with a damp cloth or something. I open my eyes and look at my surroundings. Im in a dark cave. The only source of light is my phone and the moon. Im laying on a mattress. The smell of dirt and cologne are in the air. "Cologne?" I ask myself silently. "And why am I laying on a mattress if Im in a cave. Caves arent supposed to have mattresses?" I think. "Hey beautiful, Did you sleep well?" I heard. "Thats not Andrew." I  know Andrews voice. "Who are you?" I asked. "Oh..Youll find out." They said in a mysitcal and very creepy tone. "Well..Do I know you?" I questioned. "I dont know if you know me but I most definently know you." He replied. "Who are you and how in the hell did I get here?!" I screamed. "It doesnt matter who I am and I brought you here." He said, raising his voice just a tad. I get off  the mattress and go to walk out of the cave when he grabs me. "You arent going anywhere for a long time. Sit down now." His demanding voice screams. "No." I say in a powerful way. He threw me against the dirt wall and I slid down to the cold, hard ground. He picked me up slamming me against the hard dirt once more. "You will do what i say..Understood sweetheart?" He said quiet and seductively, getting really close to my face. "Stop calling me names, get off me and your not my dad so Im not gonna listen to a single word that comes out of your nasty, ugly ass mouth..Understood bitch?" I say loudly and so very rudely. "Im about to show you who your daddy is." He said loudly while still holding me up against the wall. "What is your problem?!" I yell. "Put me down, and leave me alone!" I say trying so hard not to cry. "You wish." He replied with a smile on his face. He goes to kiss me but I shake my head and start to dodge every attmept he makes. "Stay still!" He yelled. "You wish." I said seriously. "You are pissing me off!" He screams at the top of his lungs. "Good..' I reply sounding like a snob. He lets go of me and pushes me on the mattress. "This is my chance." I think. I hop off the mattress and dart for the cave opening when he grabs me and puts a rope around my neck. He covers my face with something. I remember the smell of alchohol and ammonia then he says, "You only wish I would let you go. Your worst thoughts about whats going to happen are the good thoughts. You have every right to be scared babe..But Im gonna make it alright." Everything gets fuzzy and I hit the ground.


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