Dead Space: Wolves of War

This is a FanFiction of what happens after Dead Space 3


8. Chapter 8

Chapter Eight

We didn't have time to mourn Ory, we had to keep moving. If the Necromorphs were smart enough, they would climb up through the vent and get to the surface after us. "We have to go, I said, we can't stay here." Suddenly a Necromorph's hand came up out of the vent. I turned and swung my saw, taking off its hand in a spray of blood. The Necromorph roared in anger and fell back down the vent to the others. "Run, I yelled, before the others come up." We took off toward a building's outline in the snowy wind. Halfway there something shook the ground, I turned and saw a massive Necromorph coming toward us. "Vanessa, take the others and run to that building, Clarke and I will take care of this." She looked at us and the Necromorph and then she ran, the others closely behind her. "Clarke, I said, for Ory." He nodded and raised his shotgun as I took his Plasma Cutter and took the form of our late friend, duel wielding both the small rock cutters out in front of me. The ginormous monster roared and the ground shook once again, I aimed at a small glowing yellow spot in its chest. Isaac aimed higher at another glowing spot, near its eyes. "Those are weak spots, fire at those and it will come down all the faster." Clarke said. "Got it, I said, lets do this." We let loose at the spots we had aimed for. As our bullets hit the weak points the humongous creature roared in pain and hatred. As it did, other Necromorphs came up from the snow and ran toward us, I fired a round from my Plasma Cutter into a Slasher's leg, taking the limb free from its body, then I fired a round from Clarke's Plasma Cutter into a Twitchers body, blowing it backwards. Then Isaac fired two rounds from his shotgun into the two Necromorphs bodies, I watched them explode in a spray of blood. Then we fired at the behemoth again, this time it swung at us with it's arms. We dodged it's giant limb as it came down between us, then I dropped the Plasma Cutters. "These are spent Clarke, I said, I know what I have to do." He shook his head. "Brom, don't do it." I reached back and grabbed my Laser Saw. "If I don't come back, then I don't come back." I said. I ran forward at full speed and jumped up, stabbing my saw into the monster's leg. Then I climbed as Clarke turned and ran toward the building, I watched him for a moment and then I continued to climb until I reached its shoulder. Then I scaled over along its side until I found a weak spot in its hard shell, then I slashed into its skin. I was met with a spray of blood as the saw cut in, then more and more as I tore open a hole in the giant's side. Finally I made an opening big enough for me to climb into, I hooked my saw onto my belt and pulled the massive creature's skin and flesh open and jumped inside. It was cold and bloody inside the giant beast, after a few seconds of falling I hit the stomach of the monster. Once inside its stomach I drew my Laser Saw and began to swim as best I could in the Necromorph's stomach acid. As I swam the inside of the monster's stomach it's body shook with each step or roar it made.
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