Dead Space: Wolves of War

This is a FanFiction of what happens after Dead Space 3


7. Chapter 7

Chapter Seven

I took a look back for a split second to see the others, as well as the Necromorphs, then I took off again. Finally I saw a small beam of light, kind of like moon light, coming down from the ceiling of the cavern. I ran up and stopped, then I looked up the small tunnel to see the night sky above. I jumped up and stabbed my saw into the walls of the tunnel, I grabbed a small ledge above and swung up with my saw, stabbing up higher into the wall of the tunnel. "Grab my feet, I yelled down to everyone else, climb up the tunnel!" I suddenly felt a heavy weighted tug on my body as Vanessa grabbed me and climbed over, then another tug as Leo climbed up, then another as Kayle grabbed on and climbed over, finally Marc grabbed on and climbed over as well. Suddenly my saw cut through the rock and I slid back down to Isaac and Ory, they were there watching the on coming army of Necromorphs. We all looked from the Necromorphs to each other, then I said; "Are we doing this?" We all nodded and raised our weapons toward the monstrous army. "Bring'em down." I said. Then we let loose on them, Clarke, Ory, and I together as one force, one unit. It was then that I noticed that we were gonna be brothers to our last breath, our last bullet, to our end of existence. Isaac had his shotgun, Ory was duel wielding both our Plasma Cutters, and I was slashing, the ones that got close enough, in half. Finally the Necromorphs got on our sides, so we moved into a tripod shape, all of us back to back. "This is it guys." I said. Fodders, Slashers, Twitchers, all of them were coming straight at us on all sides. Suddenly a loud roar stopped the rest in their paths, then they all made room for a larger, more powerful Necromorph, but this one was different. "Clarke, I said, what is that?" Clarke hesitated for a moment then he said; "It's the Ubermorph, I've outrun two of them in the past, but it was under different circumstances." I glanced back toward him and he looked over at me. "There was actually a place to run." He said. The behemoth came up to us and cocked it's head as it looked at Clarke, it seemed to be remembering him I suppose, then it walked over Ory. He glared right into it's face, but his body was frozen in fear, then the Ubermorph came to me and looked me up and down. "This thing makes the wrong move, I'm takin' it's head off." I said to Isaac. But he shook his head. "Won't matter, he said, it regenerates." I sighed and as I did, the Ubermorph cocked it's head again. "You understand what I'm saying don't you?" I asked. It almost nodded to my amazement. "You can understand every single word can't you?" I asked the creature. It looked down at my saw and cocked it's head again. So, I deactivated it, as I did the Ubermorph looked back up at my face again. So, I deactivated my helmet and said; "You're a pretty smart motherfucker aren't ya?" I dropped my arm and hung my saw on my belt, as I did the Ubermorph watched every movement I made. Nothing would have changed the situation, but I thought that maybe if I came off less threatening, this beast wouldn't tear me limb from limb right on the spot. So I lifted my hands to show it that I had no weapon, and meant it no harm, I don't know why, this thing honestly couldn't have cared less and besides I was lying my ass off, I wanted to rip this monster apart with my Laser Saw. The Ubermorph looked at me and I looked at it, then I glanced over at Isaac. "Clarke, Ory, drop your weapons and do as I do." I said to them. After a few seconds, I heard the shotgun and Plasma Cutters hit the ground, I glanced back and saw that their hands were in the air. The Ubermorph turned away from me and went over to Clarke, looked him up and down, then went to Ory. I heard Ory exhale heavily in fear, but yet he did not try to run or pray for that matter. Suddenly I heard Ory scream, I turned and saw the Ubermorph had impaled him and was holding him in the air, I watched in horror as it cut off his legs and one of his arms. Then it lowered his half dead body back down, and Ory shook his head pitifully. The Ubermorph cocked its head and then it tore up, decapitating Ory, and then swung down tearing Ory in half. I activated my saw and swung, taking off an arm, and the head, of the Ubermorph, it's body swayed and I swung down, taking off it's legs. Then the other Necromorphs roared in anger and Isaac and I retrieved our weapons from the ground. Suddenly a Seeker Rifle shell tore into a Necromorph's body and we looked up to see Vanessa as she threw down a rope to us. We grabbed it and began to climb as, to my horror, the Ubermorph was, in fact, regenerating. We got to the surface and Vanessa and the others let go of the rope to let it drop down into the Mine. "Where's Michael?" Vanessa asked. I looked at her for a second and then I shook my head. "They got him Vanessa, he's dead." She was taken a back by the news as she straightened up slightly and nodded. "May his soul go to God to protect." She said.
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