Dead Space: Wolves of War

This is a FanFiction of what happens after Dead Space 3


6. Chapter 6

Chapter Six

It took them a few minutes to get down, but slowly, one at a time, they all got to the bottom with me. "How far do the mines go?" I asked. Vanessa looked up at me and said; "About four miles in any direction." I nodded and activated my Laser Saw and flashlight. "Okay, stay close and stay alert, it's easy to get lost in a mine." I said as we headed into the mouth of the cave ahead of us. My flashlight wasn't as powerful as I thought as I noticed that the flashlight beam couldn't cut through the darkness of the mine. We had been walking for about an hour before I had us stop and take a brake, then, as they a took a breather, Isaac and I talked in hushed tones. "Clarke, I whispered, how much farther before we hit the surface again?" Isaac activated his Holo-map and said; "About another hour and we hit our first air vent to outside." I nodded and looked back to everyone else. "Think they could last it?" Clarke shrugged and smirked. "Guess we'll find out." He said. "Ladies and gentleman, I began, we have to keep moving now." I heard them sigh as they stood and I let them move ahead of us and as I began to walk it happened. "Brom!" Asha's voice screamed. I spun out of surprise. "Clarke, you hear that?" I asked. As I turned to look at him I could tell by the look on his face he had, and for that matter, so had everyone else. "What was that?" Vanessa asked. I looked at her and thought over the answer. "My girlfriend, I said, we've been looking for her since this morning." I looked back down the mine path into the darkness. "But that's all we've gotten, her voice, calling our names." Vanessa came up and put her hand on my shoulder, I turned to glance back at her. "She won't survive the blizzard much longer." She said. I turned back and looked at Clarke. "Brom, it's your choice, we go back or we go forward." I walked up to him and handed him some flares. "Take these, drop one every hundred meters starting from here, I'm going back, you keep going forward." Vanessa walked up to me and said; "I'll go with you, you could use some back up." I shook my head. "No, I said, my saw will be enough." She looked at Isaac and he nodded to her saying; "Believe me, it's true." She waited for a moment, then she said; "Okay, be careful Mr. Vax." I nodded and took off down the mine while they kept going. "Asha!" I yelled out into the mines, she had to be here. I stopped after a few minutes of running. "Asha!" I yelled again. Something stumbled on some rocks down the cavern from me and I raised my light to see what it was. "Asha?" I said to the darkness. Then something moved past my light, I could see it's silhouette in the background. "Asha, if you're there you gotta let me know baby." For a second all was still, then something moved toward me, to heavy sounding to be her, so I activated my Saw and readied myself for what was coming. The sound got louder which meant what ever it was, was getting closer, I got my self in a stance, not fighting, but not running either. Then it came into the beam of my flashlight, it was a Necromorph, it was bloody and missing an arm, but it was a Necromorph. I took a step back and raised my saw high in the air defensively, as if it would have mattered. The creature stopped and looked at me for a moment, then it let out a long howl and ran toward me. I swung down with my saw and tore it in half, then I heard another stumbling sound in the cavern, this time it was multiplied. As I watched at least 20 Necromorphs came into my flashlight beam, I almost dropped my jaw behind my helmet. "Fuck me." I said aloud. Then they all stopped and looked at me. "Oh fuck me sideways." I said. They all howled and began toward me, I quickly turned and ran like Quasimodo with a load in his drawers. "God damn, I said, motherfucker." I cursed like a sailor to myself as I ran for my life. Finally I saw a flare, thank god, Isaac had listened to me. Then there was another and another, I stopped to take a quick look behind me only to take off running again from what I saw, the Necromorphs were still there about 20 meters behind me. As I ran I saw more and more flares, then finally I saw a new one light up in the air. It was Isaac and the others, and they should have been running, so I let them know that too. "Run, you sorry sons of bitches, run for your fuckin' lives!" I yelled running past them. Then after about five seconds I heard more running foot steps behind me as the others saw what I saw.
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