Dead Space: Wolves of War

This is a FanFiction of what happens after Dead Space 3


5. Chapter 5

Chapter Five

The four of them looked down as they realized I was right as I walked over and tore through the door with my Saw to let Isaac and Ory inside. After they came in I shut the door and welded it shut again with a flamethrower from one of the wall lockers in the room. Then I turned back to the others and looked down at the Seeker Rifle in my hands. "You sure are packing some heavy gear to only be miners, I said, why?" The woman shook her head and said; "We need to for protection." I looked at Ory and Isaac and then back at the others. "I know that's not the truth, you have Line Guns, Plasma Cutters, and Flamethrowers, I raised an eyebrow, so why would you really need this?" The woman shook her head again. "I already told you why, for protection." I looked over at Isaac and said; "Clarke, tell these four what I used to do before I came to this planet." Isaac nodded and deactivated his helmet. "My friend here, Mr. Vax, was a military personnel officer and knows capabilities of such weapons, that miners use, and the capabilities of the weapons military personnel use." I nodded and said; "And what open access for such, miners, weapons would be allowed, this is not one of them." Finally I saw one of them sigh in surrender, then he spoke up. "Okay, I give up, he said, we aren't really miners, we're preachers of the true God's word, we needed that rifle to fight off the Unitologists." The woman grabbed the man's arm and they spoke in hushed tones for a moment, then she looked at me. "What are you, Mr. Vax, which God do you follow?" I shook my head and said; "What ever god that will help me find my girlfriend." The woman looked at my feet then she looked at Isaac and Ory. "And you Mr. Clarke, are you a Unitologist?" Isaac shook his head. "Let's just say we come to a disagreement when it comes to our religions." The woman nodded and helped the man I slashed to his feet. "My name is Vanessa, Vanessa Willows." I nodded and shook her hand as gently as I could. "Ma'am, sorry for the inconvenience." She nodded and looked at the other man. "This is my husband Marc." I nodded and said; "Sorry for the cut there sir." He shook his head. "No, he said, I'm sorry, I should have been more polite to another survivor, it's in God's word "do not harm another child of God" I should have known better." I nodded and shook his hand. The other two men stood and introduced themselves. "Leo Marshal." The confessor said. "I nodded and shook his hand. "Kayle Richards." The other said. "I shook his hand as well. Then something banged on the wall outside, instinctively Clarke and I activated our helmets. The others grabbed Flamethrowers and Line Guns, I tossed the Seeker Rifle back over to Vanessa, seeing as Marc couldn't hold it anymore. Isaac raised his shotgun and Ory raised the Plasma Cutter I had given him and as another bang sounded I activated my Laser Saw. Then something hit the door, even though it was welded shut it shook anyway. "What is it?" Vanessa asked. "I don't know, I said, something big." Again something hit the door this time the door came loose somewhat, we all aimed higher toward the top of the doorway. Then there was a moment of silence when suddenly a huge bang sounded on the door and busted the door off the hinges and a Necromorph Brute came through. "Fire, I screamed, fire or run." We all let loose on the monster but our bullets just seemed to bounce off, then it hit me. I took a split second glance at Isaac and understood. "Aim for it's shoulders, I shouted, take it's limbs off." We all centered our fire for the Necromorph's shoulders and finally one good shot took off it's limb and the Brute fell dead. "Move." I yelled as I moved past everyone toward the wall, then I stabbed my saw through the wall and tore a hole big enough for us to climb through. Then I kicked out the panel I had cut and climbed out into the cold. "Come on, I said, when there's one Necromorph, 9 times out of 10 there's more." They all nodded and Isaac helped them out to me, then Isaac took one last look at the Brute and climbed out. I turned to Vanessa and the others and said; "Is there any way down to the mines from here?" Vanessa shook her head. "No, she said, only way down is the elevator and it's wrecked." I took a quick look around and then I backed up a few feet, they all watched as I ran forward and dove over the edge. I took my saw and stabbed it into the rock wall of the Quarry, as I slid down the wall I was slowed by the saw. Finally I hit the floor and pulled my saw free of the Quarry wall, then I looked up to everyone else at the top. "Does that work?" I yelled up to them.
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