Dead Space: Wolves of War

This is a FanFiction of what happens after Dead Space 3


4. Chapter 4

Chapter Four

Then a loud bang made us all jump, Clarke and I activated our helmets and readied our weapons. I turned to Clarke and said; "Isaac, get by the door, and be ready." He nodded and walked over to the door. "Ory, I said, do you know how to use a Plasma Cutter?" He nodded and stood. "Of course I do, he said, we used them all the time at the Quarry." I nodded and handed him mine. "Stay between us and only use it if you have to." Ory took my Plasma Cutter and pulled his collar up around his face. "Clarke, I said, now." Isaac kicked the door off the hinges and we headed out into the snow again. "Move, I said, don't stop." We ran where Ory directed us, when suddenly we were jumped by a Necromorph Fodder. He threw Clarke and I almost like we were nothing, then he went for Ory. "Ory, move." I yelled as I swung my Laser Saw up into the Fodder's leg, taking it off. It dropped and kept crawling toward Ory as he loaded the Plasma Cutter and shot it in the face. It's head came off but it kept crawling anyway. "Ory, that's no good, I said, you gotta take off the limbs." I jumped up off the ground and brought my Saw down into it's body, but it kept going and tore itself in half. Now the Fodder had stopped moving as I straightened up and deactivated the Saw. "Or tear them in two." I said as Clarke stood and walked over to us. "We gotta keep moving, he said, Ory how much farther?" He shook his head. "Not much farther." So we kept moving on toward the Quarry. Finally we got there after a few minutes, Isaac and I walked to the edge and looked over to the bottom. "Over here." Ory said. We looked up at him pointing at a windowless building, the door was welded shut from the inside. "What's in there Ory?" I asked. "Everyone, he said, the manager threw me out as a sacrifice to the demons, then he welded it shut to keep them, and myself out." Isaac and I looked at each other and did Rock, Paper, Scissors again, I got scissors and Clarke got rock. I rolled my eyes and sighed, and Isaac shrugged. I climbed into the vent shaft and crawled inside the building, as soon as I kicked the vent open a round flew past my head. I jumped down and rolled, activated my Laser Saw and slashed the shooters arm just enough for him to drop the Seeker Rifle he had. He grabbed his wrist and stumbled back onto the ground. I caught the rifle out of the air and aimed it at his head, as a woman and a pair of men came to his aid. "Unitologist bastard." The woman said in my direction. "Unitologist, I said, oh hell no, you did not just compare me with one of those fuckers did you?" She and the other three looked up in surprise. "Then, if you're not a Unitologist, then who are you?" The woman asked. "Just a man looking for his girlfriend, I said, but I found you five instead." The woman cocked her head. "Five, there's only four of us here." I nodded. "I know, I meant the poor insane man you threw outside as a sacrifice to the so called "demons." The man that had fired on me looked up and said; "You mean Michael?" I nodded and deactivated my helmet so they could see my face. "Yeah, I said, Michael Ory." The woman looked at me questioningly. "Ory's crazy, he lost it when the Unitologists attacked and he had to be thrown out to the demons, so God could cleanse his soul." I shook my head. "That's the problem with you people, I said, those things aren't demons, they're Necromorphs, they're what used to be people, haven't you noticed by now." The woman raised an eyebrow and shook her head. "Noticed what?" I glared at her and said; "That you recognize some of them."
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