Dead Space: Wolves of War

This is a FanFiction of what happens after Dead Space 3


3. Chapter 3

Chapter Three

Wait for me Asha, wait for me please. I thought to myself as we ran toward her voice, when suddenly we saw a group of Necromorphs in front of us. I activated my Laser Saw and swung straight through them as Clarke and I ran past. "Pardon me." I said as I took off a couple's heads. After about an hour we stopped at the only building she could be at. We kicked the door in and Isaac dropped to the floor as I lifted my Laser Saw in the air, but there was nothing inside and Isaac stood back up as I deactivated the saw. "Tell me Clarke, I said, do you see the world in different colors?" He looked at me and said; "Do you see the world in Black and Gray?" I chuckled and smirked at his sarcasm as he did the same at mine. "I guess not." I said. Clarke nodded and said; "Yeah, I'd take that as a no." They had set a trap for us, the Necromorphs did, dammit how could we be so stupid. "Come on Isaac, we have to move, they might be back soon." He nodded and we headed out for another building, any building, that we could find. We saw the outline of a warehouse to the south, or was it the north, we had gotten so turned around I couldn't tell. We started to walk toward it when we got jumped by more Necromorphs, we gave them the counter attack of a lifetime. A twitcher came toward us and even though he was fast, I was faster from the adrenaline. I swung out with my Laser Saw and tore into his face, then I pulled up my plasma cutter and took off his leg. He looked up with what was left of his head and I brought the saw down into his back, spraying blood onto the snow. Suddenly Isaac fired past my head into a slasher's own in front of me, bringing my attention to the Necromorph. I ran forward and swung up with my saw, tearing through flesh and bone, up the middle of his body. I stood and watched as he fell in two halves, smoking and bleeding into the snow around him. We reloaded our Plasma Cutters and continued on toward the building, as we got closer we saw the building was bigger than what we had thought. Again we breached the door and as we entered we saw bodies, at least five, hanging on meat hooks in the middle of the room. On the walls were blood written messages in the language of the Red Markers, Asha had taught me to translate some of the language, so I could understand some of it. "What does it mean?" Clarke asked. I shook my head and turned to him. "I can read it, but I don't understand it." I said. He looked at the messages and then at me as he deactivated his helmet and it opened and unfolded from his face. "Tell me." He said as I deactivated my helmet as well. I turned back to the wall and ran my fingers under the words as I read them. "They told us to do it." I said reading the first message. "Do what, and who told them." I asked Isaac. "The Necromorphs will get in your mind and fuck you up good mentally." Clarke said. I glanced back at him. "I saw it happen on the Sprawl." He said. I turned back and read the second message. "The symbols whisper to us." Clarke came up next to me and shook his head. "It means the symbols from the Marker, that means there's one here somewhere." Just then something banged on the wall outside and we activated our helmets and got our weapons ready. Then, a scared off his ass, half crazed man burst through the door, Clarke and I looked at each other and walked over to the man's aid. At first he lost it as we tried to help him over to a table so he could sit. "Don't touch me, he screamed, don't touch me!" I patted his shoulder, trying to calm him as best I could. "It's alright, no ones gonna hurt you." I said to the man. He looked at each of us, almost questioningly, and said; "Are you real, please tell me you are." I raised and eyebrow and Isaac and I looked at each other. "We are the most real people you're ever gonna find." I said. He sighed in relief and patted our shoulders. "Thank god for you two, thank god." He said. I nodded and turned to Isaac. "Clarke, can I have a word with you?" He looked up and raised an eyebrow then he nodded and walked over to the far wall with me. "Isaac, look at this guy, he thought we were illusions when he first saw us, how can we trust him?" He shrugged and glanced back at him, the he looked at me. "We'll have to, he may be able to help us." I sighed and nodded, then we walked back toward the man. "Sir, I said, your name is?" He looked up and blinked a couple times. "Ory, Michael Ory." I nodded. "Okay, Mr. Ory, is there any particular reason you were out there?" I asked. He looked between Clarke and me and said; "I was thrown out by my Quarry Manager." Isaac leaned forward and said; "Quarry, you mean there's one near here?" Ory nodded and looked toward the door. "We were working on a mining job before these demons came, I believe they're from what we found." Isaac put a hand on Ory's shoulder. "What did you find Michael?" A look of horror spread across his face as he remembered. "The Marker, he said, that devil rock." I walked up to him and looked in his eyes. "Are you a Unitologist?" I asked. He looked at me and shook his head. "Lord no, I follow God, not some guy from the 23rd Century." Then Isaac took hold of the conversation again. "Is the Marker still at the Quarry site?" Ory shook his head. "No, some Unitologists came and took it on their ship." Clarke's eyes widened and he continued. "Where, he asked, where did they take it?" Ory looked at me and then back at Clarke. "Earth." He said, answering our fears.
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