Dead Space: Wolves of War

This is a FanFiction of what happens after Dead Space 3


2. Chapter 2

Chapter Two

We made our way to the armory, climbing over rubble, debris, and mangled Necromorph bodies. We got there and found that the door was jammed, we looked at each other and did Rock, Paper, Scissors. My luck was worse than I thought as I lost and had to climb up through the vent shafts to the other side of the door. I kicked the door to the vent out and jumped down, landing on my injured leg, the pain was terrible and I fell to the ground. "Ah, dammit, son of a bitch!" I dragged myself over to the nearest shelf and pulled myself up. I waited for the pain to mellow out before I stood, then I limbed over to the door and stabbed the laser saw into the lock mechanism. Then, in a shower of sparks, the door burst open and Isaac raised the shotgun, almost out of instinct, into my face. I whipped my hands up and he lowered the rifle. "Sorry, too many times of that happening over the years." I nodded and patted his shoulder. "Come on Clarke." He and I walked in the armory and set our weapons down on the table. Isaac opened up a medic kit and got out medicine and some bandages, then he walked over to me. I took the bandages and wrapped my thigh up, then I pulled as hard as I could to tighten it. Again I was welcomed with a surge of terrible pain, I squeezed my thigh and bit down as hard as I could. "Shit, fuck!" I grabbed the medicine out of Clarke's hand and swallowed it down. "Thanks Isaac." I said. He nodded and helped me stand. "You go first Brom." I patted his shoulder and limped over to the armor pod. I pulled myself inside and Isaac activated it, then I laid back and let the armor close and lock itself to my body. After a few moments the pod opened again and I stepped out, I was still limping, but not as bad as before. I stretched and limbered up as Clarke climbed in the pod next, I watched the steam from the pod as the armor attachments worked their way through their operations. Then the pod opened and Isaac stepped out, we picked up our weapons, looked at each other and activated our helmets. As our visors activated, we covered each other in light, then we walked over to the weapons locker and got out a pair Plasma Cutters. "Okay Clarke, lets go." I said. We walked out of the armory and headed out into the snow, we trudged through the snow for a few minutes. Suddenly we heard a loud howl over the wind. "What the fuck was that?" I asked. Isaac answered by pulling his shotgun up to his shoulder, so I, instinctively, activated my saw. Then we were jumped by at least five Necromorphs, Isaac fired his shotgun and took off one's leg and I swung my laser saw and watched as the blade tore through flesh and bone as it ripped it's body in half. "Brom, behind you." Isaac yelled. I spun and swung the saw up into the Necromorph's head, then I pulled back and ripped the blade out the front of it's face. Then I swung up into it's chest and pulled toward myself and ripped it's body in half. I turned toward Isaac and drew my Plasma Cutter and fired into a Necromorph's face. It's head flew off in a spray of blood and brains, as Isaac turned around in surprise. Then a Necromorph grabbed me in a bear hug and tried to bite the side of my neck, I could hear it's teeth grinding off my armor. I swung back and stabbed into it's body, it let go of me and stumbled back before I swung up and took off it's head. I deactivated my saw and reloaded my Plasma Cutter. "Close call Clarke." I said. "Pay attention next time Brom." I crossed my arms. "Oh, and you never had that happen to you?" I asked sarcastically. He looked down and then back at me. "Not as often in the past as now." He said. Just then we heard a voice come out of the wind. "Isaac, Brom!" I looked at Isaac and he looked at me. "Brom was that?" I nodded. "Asha" We both turned and took off as fast as we could toward the voices origin.
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