Dead Space: Wolves of War

This is a FanFiction of what happens after Dead Space 3


1. Chapter 1


It was a Wensday when it started for Isaac and I, Clarke had been fighting against the Necromorphs for about 4 years, but for me it had just begun. My name is Brom Vax, and we are all Wolves of War.

Chapter One

I was awoken by a large blast at about 0530 hrs. "What the fuck!" I shouted. Then I heard gun fire somewhere down the hall. "Isaac, what the hell's going on!?" I ran over to the door and it opened to a Necromorphed child. "Holy shit!" I yelled. The Necromorph screamed a child's scream and jumped on me. I grabbed it's neck and held it back from my face, finally after a moment of struggling I threw it back to the floor. The Necromorph jumped up and ran toward me, I swung my fist but it wasn't fast enough and the Necromorph stabbed it's bladed fingers through my thigh. "Ah, shit, I screamed, you little bastard!" I grabbed the laser saw from the supply shelf next to the door and activated it. A low buzz sounded out as it started up and I swung down, chopping off the little Necromorph's arm, it fell back and I swung again taking off it's head. It's body swayed for a moment and then I stabbed the blade through it's body and pulled up, tearing it in two. The Necromorph fell to the ground in a pool of blood, as I pulled it's arm free from my leg. I quickly limped down the hall to see Isaac taking on more Necromophs than he could handle. "Isaac, behind you." I said as a Necromorph was coming up behind him. He turned and fired the shotgun into it's shoulder taking off the limb, I pulled back my laser saw and tore the Necromorph's body in half. I was sprayed with blood and gore as the saw tore through it's flesh, I looked up and saw Isaac shove the shotgun's barrel into a Necromorph's body and fire, blowing a massive hole in it's stomach before the force threw it's body back onto the floor. "Isaac, rifle." I said. He turned and threw the shotgun to me, I caught it, turned and fired into an oncoming Necromorph's face, decapitating it. I cocked the shotgun and ripped the Necromorph's body in half with the saw, then I threw it back to Isaac. He caught it in one hand, turned and shot the last Necromorph in the body. Blood splattered out as it fell dead onto the floor, then Isaac looked up at me. "What happened to your leg Brom?" I shook my head and said; "Ah, just a little Necromorph problems, don't worry about it." I did a quick 360 spin and took in the damage of the room, then it hit me. "Where's Asha?" I asked. "I don't know, Isaac said, the Necromorphs came in and I lost track of her." I shook my head. "She can't survive this blizzard Isaac, we have to find her, soon."

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