Who Do I Choose?

Hayley is a 18 year old in LOVE with One Direction and is thrilled when she gets 2 backstage passes and front row seats with her BFF Caitlin! They all become friends, but some people develop feelings for each other.....read to find out what happens when two boys fall in love with one girl but only one can have her....?


3. Getting Ready

*Hayley's POV*

"C'mon C'mon, Caity Cakes!" I shout up the stairs while almost slipping when I was forced to side step another big packing box. I finally managed to step into my purple and blue Supras.

"Ha ha, very funny HayBay," she called back to me while barreling down the stairwell.

When she appeared in front on me, chucking her green and black Supras at her, I talk at her in an authority-like tone "But seriously, we have to get going."


"Fudge!" I corrected as she complained about the Supras loudly thumping her chest. "And sorry bout that, but we really gotta get going! C'mon!"

*Caity's POV*

I just finished curling my hair and touching up my mascara as I hear Hayley bitch, "C'mon C'mon, Caity Cakes!" 

"Ha ha, very funny HayBay." She's always making play on words with One Direction songs. 

I clunk down the stairs almost falling a few times cause of all the damn boxes. We've barely unpacked since we got here, to our new flat, so we can be closer to U.N.I. As soon as I saw her, I got a pair of Supras chucked at me. "OW! WHAT THE F-"

"Fudge!" she snapped, always hating it when I curse. "Sorry bout that, but we really gotta get going! C'mon!"

We made a mad dash for my jet black Audi. We chucked our stuff in the trunk, and jumped into the car even though I still only had one shoe on. I pulled it on, put the key in the ignition, and looked at Hayley. "Let's go meet One Direction!" I squealed and backed out of the driveway.


*A/N* This is My and Hayley's first ever FanFic!!! What do you guys think so far? And thank you guys for liking and faving! You guys really mean a lot to us! Thanks xx -Caity

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