Who Do I Choose?

Hayley is a 18 year old in LOVE with One Direction and is thrilled when she gets 2 backstage passes and front row seats with her BFF Caitlin! They all become friends, but some people develop feelings for each other.....read to find out what happens when two boys fall in love with one girl but only one can have her....?


4. Backstage Passes

*Caity’s POV*
“That was seriously the best night of my life. Like, no shit. I think I might be completely dead.”
“I know right? My ears are STILL ringing! But we still have backstage passes!”She gushed a little too loudly.
“I know, right? I can’t wait to talk to them! Now lets go backstage!” I yelled while pointing my finger towards the doors leading backstage, like a superhero.
Pushing through crowds of people, Hayley whispered, “Besides... Did you see the way Niall was staring at you!? He couldn’t take his eyes off of you. And you know, he once said that he looks for the future Mrs. Niall Horan in every crowd.Good thing we had our signs saying who our favorites are,” A huge smile grew on my face.
“Well, I saw Louis staring at you. Him and Eleanor are on the rocks and, ya know, he could replace her....” I whisper-shouted back while my cheeks flushed an even deeper shade of red at the thought of Niall Horan actually liking me.
“Hopefully... Well, I guess we’re about to find out!” she sang, jumping up and down.
We were the last to meet them because this group of bitches walked right in front of us like they owned the damn joint! Hopefully, we would still be able to meet them. We did pay A LOT of money for these backstage passes. Thank god there was only three groups of girls waiting to meet them.
I’m actually going to me my idols! What a dream...
“Ummmm... Earth to Caity? You’re like spacing out. I’ve never seen you like this before,” she confronted, while snapping her fingers in front of my face a few times. She knew something was up.
“Oh, yeah, I’m fine, just a bit nervous”, I lied swiftly. I was just imagining Niall and I dating.... Wait, what was I thinking? I could never get a chance with him! Oh, well.

*Hayley’s POV*
I could hardly even wait, I was about to meet Louis Tomlinson! Caity, on the other hand, seemed very quiet... And that’s totally out of character for her. I’ve known her long enough to know that this sort of quietness means she’s been thinking about something. I hope she’s her usual, charismatic self by the time these girls leave, and it’s FINALLY our turn to meet them. We’ve been waiting for over 2 hours!
“Soooo... Penny for your thoughts? You seem like you're... deep in thought,” I cautiously probed knowing there was something she was keeping from me. She sometimes gets bitchy when I pry, but that’s why we’re best friends; we mesh together perfectly. I’m the shy one until you get to know me, but then I’m really easy to talk to, and shes the sassy one who does NOT take no for an answer. It’s like that word isn’t even in her vocabulary!
“You just asked me that two seconds ago! I’m fine, Jesus!” she snapped.
See what I mean?
“Look, cheer up, please?” I practically implored her, while flashing her my perfect white smile, since I had just gotten my braces off.
“Ughhhhh, fine.” She caved in and showed me her equally perfect, white grin.
Just then, we heard the goodbyes of a few girls, four English boys, and an Irish one, right down the hall as 4 girls exited. We took deep breaths, glanced at each other, and then looked to the security guard. He nodded, allowing us to gain entrance to meet the boys. We then we saw Paul, their manager, walk over to us and say, “Welcome Ladies!” Paul ushers us tords the door we saw the other girls leave. Paul breaks the silence and grins, “The boys have been waiting all night to see you two!”
I looked over at Caity and wiggled my eyebrows but it looked like she had a... confused face? Maybe she didn’t understand.
I leaned over to her and muttered, “Told you they liked us, they probably told Paul about us!”
She finally got it, and instantly beamed. Caity then nodded her head showing me she understood.
“Well, thats pretty surprising, Paul, why would they say that?” I asked, maybe a bit too eager, hoping to get an answer along the lines of “they like you” or something like that.
Caity is still strangely quieter than I’m used to. Normally, she would bombard Paul with any little question that she ever had thought of.
“Well, lets just say a few of the boys saw you two in the front row.” He said slyly.
“Omg, they noticed us? Me and Caity? OMG!” I thought to myself.
“They sure did.” Paul replied widening his grin further.
“Wait, I thought I didn’t say that out loud!” I practically died right then and there from utter embarrassment.
“Well, you did say it, dummy!” Caity winked, finally looking at ease.
I instantly blushed hoping Paul didn’t mention ANY of this conversation to the boys.
“Well, it’s just through this door!” Paul said and walked back down the hallway in the other direction.
I paused for a moment trying to ready myself for the best time of my life, when I heard faint speech. CuriousIy, leaned in to listen to the boys talking, and Caity followed suit. It was muddled, but I’m pretty sure this is what i heard:
“-seriously, did you see those two girls? I think they’re names were Hayley and Caity” an Irish voice filled the room along with various scuffling papers.
“Yeah, Caity was really cute!” Liam countered.
“Back off! She had a sign saying Mrs. Niall Horan so therefore, I get automatic dibs!” Niall yelled triumphantly.
“You guys got it wrong, Hayley was smoking,” Harry spoke with certainty.
Louis shouted “NOOO! SHE’S MINEE!”
Zayn, being the peacemaker, declared, “Come on guys, I think we can agree that they’re both super sexy. Now when are they gonna be here?”
We took that as our cue to go in....
We knocked on the door only to hear lots of scruffling and moving around. Louis and Niall whipped open the door, standing right there in front of us. They paused for a few moment with their jaws lying on the ground. Louis, finally being able to muster words, chimes, “Come on in, lovelies.”


*A\N  Hi everyone! Hayley and I just want to thank you for all the support. All likes and favorites are SOO appreciated! Comment on what you think of our story, please! This is our first time, so anything can help. Love you all xx -Caity *

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