Who Do I Choose?

Hayley is a 18 year old in LOVE with One Direction and is thrilled when she gets 2 backstage passes and front row seats with her BFF Caitlin! They all become friends, but some people develop feelings for each other.....read to find out what happens when two boys fall in love with one girl but only one can have her....?


8. Authors Note - *NOT A CHAPTER*

Well guys, the first thing we can say is SORRY. SORRY SORRY SORRY for not updating!!!!!!!!!! We did feel really really bad about taking a break from Movellas, but this was supposed to be a little activity for us to do in our free time. Unfortunately, we have NO free time WHATSOEVER. Plus, we we're only gonna do this as a fun thing. It wasn't fun anymore. So we did take a break, and we're truly sorry for all that shizz. We've made a decision to not update on a set date, but to update when we can. It could be a lot easier for me and Caity to update sometimes as we've had a lot of homework and finals are coming up. So, we're going to start updating again, but not on set dates. K, I'm ranting now, so I'll just end this here. But still, thank you for all the support. We LOVE it. Love you guys sooo much! -Hayley and Caity xx



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