Who Do I Choose?

Hayley is a 18 year old in LOVE with One Direction and is thrilled when she gets 2 backstage passes and front row seats with her BFF Caitlin! They all become friends, but some people develop feelings for each other.....read to find out what happens when two boys fall in love with one girl but only one can have her....?


1. Hayley Alexander Bio *Not a Chapter*

*Hayley's POV*

Hi! I'm Hayley Alexander. I absolutely ADORE One Direction! There soo pretty, LOL!! Well, I'm 18 years young I have light brown shoulder length hair and bright blue eyes. I'm 5'4''. My favorites in the band are Louis and Harry. There both really cute. Well, I mean there all SUPA HOT but I don't know, I guess love at first sight?

Me and my BFF, Caity Anderson, scored some front row seats to their upcoming concert in London, and we got front row tickets and some back stage passes! I'm a cheerleader and Caity is my FB (flyer buddy, not Facebook). We do all the crazy stunts and were both flexible. We also do everything together and basically live at each others flats! Which is probably why we recently bought a new flat to live in together

I like to dance, jump around, and obviously I'm hyper. I'm really funny and somehow that makes me the person that cheers everyone up when there sad. Caity and I have lived next to each other for like, EVER. We love to sing duets but don't really tell anyone that. My favorite color is Purple and my favorite food is...CARROTS! Well, I guess that's it! Love you all! <3

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