You Can't Run Away Forever

Can a fight from a long time ago be forgotten and they just make-up?
What could've happened that was so bad she would try to run from her whole life forever?


11. You occupied my room

I woke up to Zayn poking me. "hey. why did you sleep out here, i couldn't find you last night so i looked in your room and started talking with your room mate. Ive been worried sick about my lil sis you know." he said as if nothing has ever happened from last night to a long time ago. "Um, well i kinda went for a walk in the park and caught up with luke a bit, then i came back to MY room that just so happened to be 'occupied' but you wouldn't know anything about that would you?"  i replied with sarcasm. "Oh, I didn't know you saw that, sorry?" he apologized "you've been doing this for so long that i don't even know why I'm so surprised, now why don't you just go disappear with your boy band or something." he looked at his feet and didn't say another word, he simply left without another word. 


Authors mini note

very busy until i graduate... IM GONNA GO TO HS NEXT YEAR!!!!! so excited. if anyone wants to be in the story comment ur name what u look like and some things about u

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