You Can't Run Away Forever

Can a fight from a long time ago be forgotten and they just make-up?
What could've happened that was so bad she would try to run from her whole life forever?


8. We Meet Again

Luke's POV


"So what did you want to take to me about?" Kyra asked. "Oh yeah. Well You know Zayn. Well he hasn't came back to the dorm in a while. I was wondering if you knew anything cuz he's been worrying the boys." I decided I would start with something like this before I asked her. "No. He's just somebody that I used to know." She said sadly "He was once my best friend, and only friend." Jeez she has a really tough life story. "Oh, thanks. And theres one more thing I wanted to ask you." "What is it? You know you can't stall very long with me." "Well, heres goes nothing. Will you go to the" I was cut short by screaming in the halls. Somebod was screaming Kyras name. "KYRA! GET OVER HERE NOW YOU LITTLE SLUT! DADDY HASNT SEEN HIS PRINCESS IN SOME TIME!"  Kyra was choking on the words that were just said, until she finally came up with a response. "Help me Luke. PLEASE" Tears were streaming down her face as she said this. I looked around the room, there was a window near the bed. It was a little high but you could easily get through it, we were on the first floor as well so she wouldn't fall to her death. "RUN KYRA!" BANG a gun went off after Harry screamed that. Everyone was screaming in the hallway. "IM COMING FOR YOU PRINCESS!" her father yelled down the hallway. He must've been checking all of the rooms because you could hear the doors opening and slamming shut. "The window! I'll help you out! Now!" She jumped up and out of the bed and I boosted her up at the small windows height as she fiddled with the window trying to open it. she finally open it and scrambled out but her dad was in here when she was almost out. "Running from me? Princess, you should know better." He said amused. Then he grabbed her ankle and pulled her back in the room. "Now you deserve a punishment for my troubles." He had a crazed smile on his face, especially when he said his last words. "Ive been waiting so long to get out of prison and find you, but now this will be the ride of your life my princess." After that he grabbed her by her hair and threw her to the bed as he ripped her hospital gown off and unbuckled his belt and pants. Then he raped her. I couldn't watch, I covered my eyes, until he started talking to me. "So you must be her boyfriend,. Fuck her right now, or I will shoot you both." I slowly nodded as her father threw my pants to the floor and shoved me at Kyra. She's going to hate me, but I can't be shot and neither can she "Im sorry" i whispered before thrusting inside of her. "HARDER! or i'll do it myself. And then shoot you two." I followed his orders and Kyra was bleeding badly. Then I heard the gun being loaded and a BANG and Kyra was the last thing I saw before falling in pain on her, I saw the blood coming from my thigh, sick man mustve tried to shoot my dick off. Everything went black.


Kyra's POV


 I was bleeding badly down there. After Luke was shot and looked dead or almost dead, my father raped me again, then made me give him a BJ. When he was done with me he said "Good job princess, but you're coming with me." Then he put a cloth over my mouth and I passed out. I woke up in a dark area, it was really small, I then realized I was in the trunk of a car, with no clothes on, it wasn't a nightmare, it was reality. "I have to escape" I whispered to myself before looking for a way out. I then realized there was a lever in all trunks so that if you were stuck you could get out. I finally found it but I was moving very quickly, I could hear sirens behind the car. I opened the trunk and the cops saw me they slowed down so I wouldn't be ran over by them when I jumped. Then I did what I didn't think I had the strength to do, I jumped out and rolled on the dirt road, rocks stabbing into me. sort going into the cuts. I finally stopped rolling and a man from in the cop car helped me up and into a blanket in the back of the car. "how long have you been in there? Whats your name?" 'Im Kyra Malik. I use woke up in there after he... raped me in the hospital." I said, a tear slipped from my eye as I said raped, the memories flowing back clearly. "You know a lot of people have been looking for you, even celebrities, Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise, Will Ferrel, you name it, they all heard about you from One Direction, one of them was shot at the hospital, the one with the blonde hair. He's in a coma right now, he should be fine soon though." "Its all my fault." I whispered. "No. Its your kidnappers fault." the cop said. "You mean my fathers." I said "Yes, if you want to call him that."

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