You Can't Run Away Forever

Can a fight from a long time ago be forgotten and they just make-up?
What could've happened that was so bad she would try to run from her whole life forever?


12. Movies ***Warning Sexual Scene***

That day I went to my usual classes and eventually the bell rang for the end of the day. I rushed outside and saw Luke, so I went over to him and we started talking and decided to go to the movies. We got our tickets and popcorn and went in, the movie got really boring and well, it turned into a make out session for us. The movie ended and we were on our way to back to our rooms when a guy jumped out of the bushes holding a knife and put it up against my throat. I stood there motionless afraid that these might be y last moments. "Gimme ur wallets, jewelry, and anything else valuable. NOW!" he yelled at us but mostly at Luke since i couldn't move.Luke handed him the stuff he wanted, then he took the blade away from my neck slowly but still holding onto me. My eyes started welling up and forming tears, but then the guy pulled me closer, stabbed Luke, and must've knocked me out somehow cuz then it all went black.


Lukes POV

I woke up in the hospital, a nurse came in to check on me after a few minutes. Slowly I remembered what had happened last night and started asking questions. "Im sorry but she has gone missing. We have absolutely no idea where she has gone. Im so sorry." the nurse said Thats when i lost it, i jumped up and the nurse tried to hold me down but failed i pushed her out of the way and ran down the hallways searching for a way out when I finally found an exit door. I ran out with my side stinging from where i was stabbed. I was in an ally after i got out of the hospital ad started running out of the ally when i passed out.


Kyras POV

I woke up to a pounding headache, i mustve hit my head on something last night. I heard some soft snoring next to me, and slowly turned my head realizing i was tied up, an with the man that jumped Luke and i last night. He woke up after an hour or so and made some food and gave me some but i wouldn't eat it. I couldn't until i had to. As a punishment for not eating he made me give him a show. He moved me into a room where i had a long chain tied to my ankle that had the other end tied to a pole. He had me pole dance and strip until i was completely naked but then left me in there without clothes and still tied up. I eventually fell asleep. I woke up in a soft bed alone but my wrists were tied to the top of the bed and my ankles to the bottom. Shit. The door flung open with a boy about my age standing there naked, just like me. Thats when i realized what was about to happen. I tried to look away from the boy only to see an audience of about 50 people sitting and watching intensely. They threw the boy at me, and the boy was very tall, skinny yet muscular, and dirty blonde hair. Then I realized it was Niall, they started by introducing us to the audience and telling them and us what would happen. Niall looked me in the eyes and said "Im so sorry" before pushing his full length inside of me. He thrusted faster and faster as amy screams tuned into moans.... Once we were done with that the audience still wasn't happy, so they had them suggest what we should do. There was a fat guy in the front that suggested that Niall should finger me and Niall did so with a sad look in his eyes. then a short man suggested i give Niall a blow job, and i had too, i took his dick in my mouth and did my thing, sucking and swallowing repeatedly for some time. Next a muscular man had niall taste me down there.  Niall kissed my clit, before flicking his tongue over it many times, then he started to bring his tongue down to my entrance and inside it for a bit and then back to my clit. It felt good but horrible at the same time. They kept suggesting more and more sexual things, each audience member. There was one more audience member left, a fat, greasy haired, and most disgusting guy ever, and he said "I want the girl with me right now to do whatever i say" The people in charge untied me and brought me over to him threatening me if i tried to escape. The man stripped and started making out with me and whispered my instructions to me after some time before continuing the kiss. I Trailed kisses down to his jawline leaving a hicky, and then continued my journey down his rolls and to his dick. I took it in my mouth and sucked, nibbled on the tip, and swallowed then pumped and repeated before he gave me new instructions. this time he gave me different instructions "enjoy" was what he said as he brought me back to his height and started making out with my left breath suck on the nipple and such, doing a horrible job, and cupping my right breast in his hand. he then made out with my stomach and left MANY hickys there, Before making out and slobbering all over my vagina, with his greasy afro rubbing my stomach and lower region. The man then started to make out with me again and then without warning shoved his baby sized dick in me. He thrusted in and out slowing and was sweating and i mean pouring sweat. He kept doing this until luckily he passed out from such a hard workout. Then the people in charge came back out wrapped up the show, released the audience, and brought Niall and I back to our jail-like cells. After some time they came back and put Niall in my room and told us to practice our sex and such before leaving us alone again. But instead of that Niall wrapped his arms around me in a big hug as I softly let out the tears I had been holding in. "Im so sorry. You have no idea." he kept whispering to me. We both fell asleep there knowing we probably wouldn't get out of here for quite some time.

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