You Can't Run Away Forever

Can a fight from a long time ago be forgotten and they just make-up?
What could've happened that was so bad she would try to run from her whole life forever?


6. Leave

(Listen to Leave by JoJo during this chapter, I'm gonna get a song for every chapter from now on, I just love music while reading or writing)


Kyra's POV


I feel bad for being so harsh to Niall but this was all bringing back to many bad bad memories. Its so easy to run from things but I guess as soon as you stop running, it will catch you, maybe not immediately but eventually. I want to run again, yes I would feel bad for Niall and Luke but the only thing stopping me is college its the middle of the semester and I'm lucky enough to even get into this dump, I have to stay, and as soon as I can leave I will. Zayn doesn't realize the things that have happened after the incident, I self harmed in every way possible. I wish I had just ended it, my entire life, if I had been gone forever, things wold be just as good for him anyways so why should he suddenly care for me. The last time I felt loved was when my mom was alive, since then no one has tried to care for me, only one person has and I pushed that person away for a simple nickname, Niall. I'm gonna head over to Luke's room, hopefully he won't be there.... KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK "Hey, I don't Ive introduced myself yet. I'm Liam, thats Louis eating the carrots, and that Harry he's um... (Harry walks by naked)... HARRY PUT SOME CLOTHES ON WE HAVE A GUEST!!!!!!" Liam said while covering my eyes, I couldn't help but laugh at the awkwardness of this conversation."Im so sorry, but he won't be. He isn't very shy, as you can tell. Anyways what did you need?" "I was kinda wondering if Luke was here" I said while peeking over his shoulder. "Uh nope, he's at the park with some girl, are you his girlfriend or something?" "HAHAHA no we're JUST friends, and he would never cheat on a girl, he's better than that. I better get going, nice meeting you." When I turned around I ran into someone and they spilt a boiling hot coffee on me. "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry Kyra. Are you okay?" I looked up through the pain to see Zayn, of course. "NO!" I ran to my room as the coffee burned more and more and when I got there changed into sweats and a sweatshirt in record time. Thats when I realized my mistake. -giggle giggle- I turn to see Zayn in the doorway, I guess i didn't bother to lock the door when I closed it. "shit" I mumbled to myself. "You shouldn't be here." I said looking at the ground. "But I have to, it can't be a coincident that I was placed in your best friends room, and ran into you so many times, its so we can make-up" "I don't want to though. LEAVE" "NO!" I flinched when he screamed at me, tears started running down my face it seemed like when my dad yelled at me during my beating. "please" I whispered. "I can't, Im sorry, Im truly sorry, please, you're my sister, my twin sister. I need you." "You haven't needed me all theses years, thats for sure, I mean youre a celebrity for christs sake. I needed you but you weren't there for me, EVER. So the least you can do for me is leave." "I CANT FUCKING LEAVE UNTIL WE MAKE-UP!!! DONT YOU GET IT!!!" Tears were streaming down my face, like a waterfall. I stepped back and tripped with my head landing on the edge of the bed, everything started spinning and turning black, with a ringing in my ears. "Fuck" was the last thing I could understand Zayn saying as he ran to help me but I was out by then.

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