You Can't Run Away Forever

Can a fight from a long time ago be forgotten and they just make-up?
What could've happened that was so bad she would try to run from her whole life forever?


4. I'm Begging You

Luke's POV


I went to the bathroom and did my thing, but when i came bak I was interrupting a make out session! Ugh. Now she's gonna get her heart broken especially when he obviously already stole her heart. And to make it better i have a HUGE crush on this girl and she never even once noticed, I couldn't help but let my draw drop and my eyes widen. "sorry for interrupting, i'll go" thats what i said i could only fight the tears for so long. I walked out as casual as possible and started sprinting back to my room, thats when i realized it wouldn't just be hunter and i in our room, but they would be there so i decided i would go for a walk in the park. Bad ideas, zany was in there and he ran over to me begging for me to help him get his sister back. "NO!!!" i screamed at the top of my lungs and everyones eyes were instantly on us. "but she's my sister, its for our best" "no its for your best, do you want to hear the story from her point of view as she was being beat, raped, and then watched her mother die. Oh thats right you watched but when did you turn away? Oh yeah never, you didn't cry as it happened, you didn't have any fears or worries for your mother and sister. Your mother is definitely in a better place, away from you and your father. But your sister, i wouldn't be surprised if she ran away again, or even committed suicide after all she's been through. Its too much for one girl especially when she was six when shit started happening to her. I don't blame her for not wanting to forgive you. you're still that same 6 year old boy that sat there and watched his sister get raped and beat and  mother get beat and stabbed to death. You're pathetic." I said that and walked away without looking back. I could tell he was gonna sit there with no expression just like when he was 6.


Kyra's POV


Niall and I continued from where we started once luke left. i felt really bad though because when luke came in and was caught by surprise, I realized he has had a crush on me since we met. I feel so stupid and mean, I must've crushed him right there. But i can't leave niall now cuz he would think he did something wrong. i mustve showed my thoughts through my body language because niall suddenly stopped kissing me and said "whats wrong?" i just shrugged my shoulders "its luke isn't it?" "i guess, i mean i kinda just left my best friend hanging, plus he's my only friend other than you but i don't even know you so i can't be so sure about this" niall just frowned "i don't know you either but I'm trusting you, and I'm sure luke will understand, especially if he's your best friend." "Yeah but he could do so much better than me, as a friend or as more than a friend i just don't see why he wants me, especially why YOU a celebrity would want me." when i said that niall grabbed my chin and looked me in the eyes and said "You're not like the other girls, jealous, barbies, sluts, bitches, and i could go on forever, you're you, simple you witch i love and think you're perfect." before pecking me on the lips. i smiled into the kiss but couldn't control my laughter any longer so i burst into laughter and could barely breathe especially when niall made a confused face. "That was cute and a bit corny. Where'd you get that line from?" he made the craziest face possible and tapped his chest over where his heart was. i just hope he's all mine because he's the one i want. him and only him.

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