You Can't Run Away Forever

Can a fight from a long time ago be forgotten and they just make-up?
What could've happened that was so bad she would try to run from her whole life forever?


7. Everyone To The Rescue

Zayns POV


"I CANT FUCKING LEAVE UNTIL WE MAKE-UP!!! DONT YOU GET IT!!!" Tears were streaming down her face, like a waterfall. She stepped back and tripped with her head landing on the edge of the bed, "Fuck" She seemed unconscious but I couldn't tell, but I could tell the trouble I would be in. "Wake up, please. If you won't do it for me do it for yourself. Please wake up, please, I'm begging you Kyra, please, please, please..." "See ya later babe, love ya" I heard a girl say as she walked into the room backwards, but when she turned around her eyes grew as big as watermelons (Yum i <3 watermelon, anyways). She gasped and slowly stepped back before turning and running away, why were these girls all so fast, i didn't even bother to catch her. "HELP!!!! HELP!!!!" I could hear her repeatedly screaming in the hallways, but I can't run I have to stay by Kyra's side. This probably looks really bad with me holding a girl unconscious, especially after I beat the crap out of this girls friend/roommate. Suddenly a bunch of people were running into the room, a group of huge dudes that must've played football or something pulled me from Kyra, and held me down. Some girls picked up Kyra and ran her out of the room, probably to a hospital or the nurse, who knows. All I knew was she was safe now. "Out of all the things you could ever do, you hurt a girl, especially Kyra, she wouldn't hurt a fly, you douchebag" Before I knew it the lads were all in here. "I told you o leave her alone man, just because she's your sister doesn't mean she has to forgive you! YOU NEED TO LEAVE HER THE FUCK ALONE!!!" Ive never seen Liam aware or yell, he was pretty serious about this though, I could see it in his eyes, he was furious. "Did you hit her?!!! Or even worse punch her??!!! What the fuck happened!!!" Niall said furious as well. "Thats the lowest thing a guy could ever do, NEVER hit a girl, no matter what!"Harry said. "Thats not what happened" I said shocked that they would think i would do this but now that I think about it, I did beat a girl pretty badly recently so it was believable. "Then what happened, did she trip and hit her head?" Louis said sarcastically. "thats exactly why happened!" I said. "You're pathetic Zayn, I hope you knew that" Niall whisper yelled to me. Before I knew it I was all alone in her room just thinking. Their right, I'm pathetic, its the truth, but i still want to make things right. It will drive me crazy if i don't.


Kyras POV



I woke up in a strangly colorless room. My vision still blurry but I could make out a few figures sitting in chairs in the room. When I could finally see clearly it was Niall, Louis, Harry, and Liam. Thank god, no Zayn."Were very sorry" "Wont happen again" he will keep his distance from you for sure" "We've never seen him act like this" "I have" I mumbled louder than I anticipated. I could see the boys frowning when I said that. "doesn't matter, Im just a waste of space anyways." "No, you're not  a piece of crap, or a waste of space or anything. You're Zayns sister, Lukes best friend, your roommates friend, and so much more. Don't say stuff like that." Liam said reassuringly. "Why are you guys even here, I mean, its pointless, Im not forgiving him no matter how convincing you are." "Thats not what we wanted, thats up to you, but we just wanted to apologize for Zay hurting you, mentally and physically." Harry said. "Its not you're fault, but did you say he physically hurt me?" I asked. "Um yeah, he hit you or something making you fall and somehow become unconscious. Right?" Liam said worriedly. "No, I stepped back away from him when he yelled at me, I then tripped and hit my head on the bed and everything went black from then on" "What?" "Really?" "He didn't lie to us then" "wow" they all had something different to say but we were interrupted by the nurse coming in, "You're awake, these boys have been waiting all day for you to wake, but theres one more guest if thats alright with you." the nurse said happily. "Ummm sure." i said but realized it had to be Zayn, shit why did i say yes, well its too late now, the nurse already left to get him. "Uh hey, you ok, I heard about what happened back there just now and wanted to check on you." "Thank god its you and not him, and yeah I'm fine other than a minor headache." I said to Luke. "Mind if I join the party." Luke asked "No." i said super sarcastically. "haha well your gonna have to deal with me no matter what" he said while sitting down in the last empty chair. "Um, why is this chair soaking wet?" Luke asked, the boys all started cracking up, Luke on the other hand jump out of the seat faster than you can say Bazinga. "Um, I kind of spilled my entire glass of milk on it, does it smell bad yet?" Louis said, "Yes, it does smell bad, thanks for your concern!" Luke said after rolling his eyes. Then he leaned up against the wall instead of sitting back down, that was definitely a better idea than sitting down. "um, can I talk to you privately Kyra?" Luke says. "Of course" Luke looked at the boys "um" and smiled. "Oh, duh, yeah, bye" they all were saying stuff like that.

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