You Can't Run Away Forever

Can a fight from a long time ago be forgotten and they just make-up?
What could've happened that was so bad she would try to run from her whole life forever?


14. Chelsey and Oliver Jones

Kyras POV

I feel so bad for Luke and the rest of One Direction, Niall and I just "died in a head on car crash". But we really are going into a witness protection program. We were taken away in the ambulances with actors and actresses that worked with the agency. They drove us to the middle of nowhere and had us climb under a rock and into the underground building. It was something you would see in a spy movie. We were lead to separate rooms and given our new information so we could review it and start memorizing it. My new name is Chelsey Jones. I'm 19 and my birthday is December 4. I was born and raised in New York City.... A man with a suit came in and sat down in the chair across from me. 

"Im Derek, I'll be your 'uncle' and your 'parents' went missing on a camping trip when you were 9 years old." Derek said.

"Ok,  do you know if I will ever see my friends, Luke, and Niall again?" I asked

"Well you and Niall are going into hiding together, his new name is Oliver Jones, he's your 'brother' you two can help protect each other"

"Cool but what about everyone else?"

"You won't see them for a LONG time. And better not see them before we give you permission, its for you and Olivers safety. Also for your friends' safety."

"Oh." I said realizing that Luke would be devastated without knowing I was still alive.


Lukes POV


I can't believe it. She's gone, forever, and so is Niall. I broke down in tears in my car which was pulled to the side of the road. For hours and hours I sat there and cried my eyes dry.

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