You Can't Run Away Forever

Can a fight from a long time ago be forgotten and they just make-up?
What could've happened that was so bad she would try to run from her whole life forever?


5. Breathe Me

(Listen to "Breathe Me" by Sia it fits this situation pretty well)


Zayn's POV


I can't give up on her. She's my sister and she's ben through enough. I need her, I can't let my only family left escape me. She's the only one I have other than the lads but they were never as close as we once was. I just wonder what the fans will think of me having a "long lost twin". She does look like me a lot other than her height, she's definitely shorter than me, and not as strong which worries me that she probably has been on her own protecting herself her entire life. Poor girl, while I grew up with an amazing family. I asked if we could lie to everyone and say we were blood family, over course they said yes but my sister never got that opportunity. I have to go get her, now.


Niall's POV


How could anyone hurt such a sweet girl, I can't believe Zayn though, we all knew he was hiding something but never knew it would be an entire person. I can't believe she completely lost her family, and never looked back. She couldn't though, Zayn is a monster to her, just like her dad. But her mother, thats must be why she's so sweet and innocent, between life and near death within one night, she wanted protection, but was cursed with a monstrous father that crushed her dreams, not her brothers though. Her poor mother, just imagine watching your young child be beaten and beaten, then taken to the bedroom by the one you once loved, and then having that man that is supposed to hold you close and protect you stab you until you lose yourself and your children, who knows what will happen to them from there, Its an open book, the story just stops when you are craving more, but most of all to wrap your arms around your two children, one of them bruised and bloody while the other unharmed, its out of your hands now and into gods. She was asleep in my arms, peacefully as if she were a normal girl with no memories of her past, but I thought wrong when she started whisper screaming in her dream. "Please don't hurt her, she's only 6, please, I'm begging you, ill do anything, please" "SHUT UP -smack- now you little princess are coming with me, we're going to have some fun in mommy and daddys bed." "Now wasn't that fun princess, haha of course it was, you'll feel that tomorrow from my size, but as for your bitchy mother, she won't be able to -snicker-" "I love you Kyra" "i wuv you too mommy, -sniffle- it hurts" "AWWWwww how cute, nice to have a last word with the bitch and the princess, -stab-, -sniffle-" I watched a tear run down her cheek as her nightmare continued, "too bad its not always gonna be happily ever after" Her eyes flew open and she scurried away from me ever so quickly. "Its ok princess its just me" Another tear fell as I realized what I said "I'm so sorry, I didn't mean" "just go" I did as i was told because she needed some time to comfort herself. I never knew how strong such a small girl could be, she was unstoppable.

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