My Angel Bad Boy


2. Tyler !


Annebelle's POV

Today was the first day of my senior year after this year i would be gone ! I will leave this piece of shit town and go explore the world thats what i always wanted and im going to do .

***After Getting Dress and leaving the house***

I was in my car it was a small "KIA Soul" it was dark blue it was nice and a good size i guess i liked it. I was driving to school when i got to a stop light and waited for it to turn green as i looked over to the car next to i noticed the one and only Tyler Dewayne the "badboy" kissing a girl and feeling all up her thigh.He was a drinker , smoker , was a player and was mixed in with the wrong people he disgusted me ! The traffic light was red for at least 5 mintues when it finally turned green i heard a honk and looked over at Tyler's car and he smirked and winked at me he had a girl in his car and he had the nerves to do that what a dick !

***15 mintues later at school***

I got out my car and started to walk into school i could hear whispers and girls and boys laughing at me and calling me disgusting things. I hated everybody i only had me , myself & I people laughed at me because i actually cared about school ! Well sorry if i actually want to have a future unlike any of them they all had rich parents and I just had my dad unfortuanly. When i got to my locker i put in the code than put my books in and took out the ones i needed. I closed my locker as soon as did the bell rang i quickly walked to my 1st period class which was advance american studies. As i walked in i saw Tyler's name was on one of the desk how did he possibly get advanced i thought all he cared about was girls i never thought he would actually care about school . This must have been have been a mistake Tyler Dewayne getting advance !

" Miss.Carter take a seat " Mr.Harris asked.

God how i hated my last name !

" Oh yeah sorry " i replied

I sat down all awkward like why did i do this to myself ! I make myself stand out i hate when i do that because then people justhave more dumb shit to say about me!

" Okay class settle down and open up in your history books to chapter 1 an-" Mr.Harris was interupped by Tyler walking in 10mintues late.

" And may i ask where were you Mr.Dewayne !" he questioned.

" How about no and sorry i was doing bussiness" Tyler fought back.

How could he talk to a teacher like that !

" Mr. Dewayne i dont want to start with you so early in the year so just take a seat and i doubt you have a late pass" Mr.Harris asked.

" Ok Mr.H and your right i dont " Tyler replied as he walked to his seat that was right next to me.

Oh god just kill me now !

" Hey did you like the show this morning" Tyler whispered to me that way no one would hear.

" What are you talking about " i asked even though i knew what he was talking about.

" I know you were looking and if you ever want to try just ask " He said with his devilish smirk then winked and sat right in his again that way he wasnt leaning any more.

" As If " i replied in disgust.

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