My Angel Bad Boy


1. Prolouge


                                                                                                   Annabelle POV

I was in my room it's been a week sense I have been in my 

room I haven't left , talk to anyone or eaten. I have just been in this bed laying down thinking what did I do to get rapped and

beaten did I deserve this an abuse dad that would beat me if I didn't do what I was told or even when I did he still did. Did I

deserve being bullied everyday in school for not being as pretty as the other girls or for being a nerd and not being the little

slut all the boys wanted . I just wish I was dead than maybe everything would be fine I would finally be free from all my

suffering from all the bullshit that I had to deal with. Ever sense my mother died from a car accident last year my life has

been hell ! My dad blamed me for her death and he now goes out every night to get drunk to drown his sorrows and then to

come home to scream and hurt me , to tell me " if you weren't such a little brat maybe your mother wouldn't have ran away

and died" how could he blame that on me how could he possibly think that I would be the reason my mother died ! My dad

had been gone for a week no calls he just left ! Did he leave for good or is he just drunk some where lying on the floor dying .

I don't wish that even if he did kick , burn , rape and beat me after all he is my dad even if he did act like it He has to love me right ?

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