"Make it stop!"

English and Danish poems.


6. Teen

I wish my mother could see me now

sitting by the window blowing steam.

Looking up the dark sky

thinking "Why, oh why?"

Poisoning my lungs with lies

while letting out a "sigh."


I wish my father could see me now

chilling with the boys and making sound.

Making them wish they could have it

while having my cigaret lit.

Trying to make everything fit

I wish I could just "Get over it!"


I wish my brother could see me now

playing games in my bed.

Wearing the same clothes as yesterday

everything just seem so grey.

Staring at the celing i begin to pray

I pray that everyone would just "stay away!"


Of course those wishes could never come true

because I'm a human just like you.

You know it's the truth

I just want to start anew.

So I put on my best dancing shoes

the music will start on my cue!

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