"Make it stop!"

English and Danish poems.


1. Leaving me.

My love is a burning fire, who burns my heart, whispering sweet words of desire, when you are near, and shouts of longing when you are gone. My only wish is for he who controls these feelings to stop the stream of thoughts and love when you pass me by, then maybe just maybe there might be a possibility that i might say hi. Please notice me the friend standing by your side, helping you when you have problems, and telling you it's fine. Even thought I don't say much I hope it's enough, for you to understand these feelings I am, and the feelings I have. Sometimes I wish I could just kill myself if I could just get your attention but I won't because you'll just ignore the dead body I have become, and be with someone i don't even know, but that won't change, I'll be standing here next to you and your lover I did not hear about from you or anyone else, so raise your hand and say these words, i'll cherish you from now till forever and leave my friend out in the cold all on his own.

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