Thanks For Embarresment Louis Tomilson.(One direction fan fiction)

Melody-Rose has just turned 17 when niall rings her and told her about 1direction now coming home from tour she wins the lottery 1 week before and sets up the mansion she just moved her and niall's stuff into the mansion and goes to deco the home for the other 4 boys and..................


14. The Perfect Place


Liam's POV

I woke up about 6:30am ish and I didn't feel tired at all. I saw my beautiful girlfriend sleeping next to me snuggled into her pillow and the duvet. She was cute when she slept. I climbed out of bed luckily not waking her and pulled on some pj's bottoms on and walked downstairs to the kitchen.Zayn was sat down on his chair thinking about something. But I'm not sure what. "You alright mate?" He nodded. "Sure?" He shook his head. "Wanna talk about it?" I asked sitting down passing him a coffee and cereal. "Not really Liam." I nodded. A few moments later Mel came in.

Mel's POV

I woke up at about 6:45am and saw Niall was still asleep. Typical Niall. I climbed out of our comfy bed and wrapped my dressing gown around my slim body , slipped my slippers on and strolled downstairs at the kitchen. I saw Liam and Zayn sitting at the kitchen table eating cereal and coffee. I made my cup of coffee and sat next to Liam and across from.

"So Mel are you excited for today?" Zayn asked mouthful a bit of his cereal. "Yeah I really am excited to see some of the venues. What about you? I know the girls are really excited too." They smiled and responded 'Yes'. We talked for a while before Harry came down, Commando.

"Harry go back upstairs and get some pj's or something on please!"

"Why?" He moaned asking. "Because your in MY house and you don't see anyone else walking around naked do you?" And with that he ran upstairs and got some sweatpants on and came down and made what he calls a Yorkshire brew. Some brand of tea. Everyone was now in the kitchen and I fled the room to get showered and dressed. I walked into my room and grabbed my towel and some underwear, bra, a nice tank top, jeans, nice see-through over-top and ran to the bathroom. I shut the door behind me and locked it. The shower had a IPod player so I put on my faviroute playlist and on came my favourite song, 'She's Not Afraid' you all know who that's by. One Direction. I sang along to it and I think I was a little bit too loud. I got out when the song had finished and dried myself then got dressed and applied a little bit of make-up and hung my towel up. I walked out of the room and standing there was everyone apart from the girls. Harry, Liam, Louis, Zayn and Niall. "What are you doing outside of the bathroom?" I asked suspiciously. "Oh nothing." they all wondered off in different directions. "Oi get back her now. Follow me!" I said. They groaned and followed me to my room. "Sit!" I pointed to the end of the bed, They sat. "Why were you standing outside the bathroom?" I asked curiously. "There is no reason!" Louis shouted "Well you never do it to anyone else!" I said angrily.

Was it that I sing in the shower and they hate it or they liked my voice. Wait my voice is crap. "Fine!" I said, Taking off my shirt my bra on full display. "What are you doing?" They asked. "Oh just going to walk around my house in my bra!" they were starting at my boobs. "We like your voice!" Harry said All the guys hit him in the arm for telling me. I laughed and put my top back on! "What... Why did you put your top back on?" Harry screamed. "Uh because A. Louis, Liam and Zayn have girlfriends and I have a fiancé! And B.I got out of you the reason you were standing outside the bathroom" He sighed. I laughed. "So you like my voice when I sing then eh?" They nodded and I blushed. "No need to be embarrassed babe!" Niall said tapping his lap gesturing for me to sit on it. I sat down on his lap and kissed his cheek. "None has ever said they liked my voice!". He smiled so I smiled back. I got up of his lap. "COME ON GUYS N GIRLS WE'VE GOT VENUES TO SEE!" I shouted as loud as I could and the girls came in all hyper and then we ran to get ready and we set off in the car to our first reception vewing.

none liked it so we moved on. after 3 more venues we pulled up outside the place we had chosen to be our reception and wedding venue. it was stunning. we walked around and we got into the car  

"perfect!" i said to niall and he couldnt disagree. we got home and thought about it and chose it. Then we all dinner that Danni and Liam made. It was lasagne yumm. we ate then Harry and Louis still grounded. i smiled as they cleaned up. we all went to bed. me a niall had a conversation about him recording new songs etc. and we shared a few goodnight kisses before we went to sleep. we lay perfectly. Nialls arms wrapped around my waist and my head in his chest as we breathed in sync.

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