Thanks For Embarresment Louis Tomilson.(One direction fan fiction)

Melody-Rose has just turned 17 when niall rings her and told her about 1direction now coming home from tour she wins the lottery 1 week before and sets up the mansion she just moved her and niall's stuff into the mansion and goes to deco the home for the other 4 boys and..................


11. The Embarressment Part 2



 "OI WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?" I screamed at them. They were wearing my underwear on their heads. Niall and Zayn came rushing in. "What hap..." Before Niall could say anymore I pointed towards Louis and Harry they have routed through everything. Niall's face turned dark red. That happens when he gets angry. "LOU? HAZZA? WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" He was really angry. He stormed out of the room before they could answer either of us. I followed him and told Zayn to sort them out. Zayn was angry too. He was shouting at them I followed Niall to the back garden. "Babe what's up?" I asked him. "I hate being angry Mel. It hurts me!" I nodded and embraced him into a hug. He hugged me back and cried into my shirt. "Let it out Niall, let it out!"

After he had finished crying Niall sat up and I stood up I tried to give him a minuet but he grabbed my wrist and pulled me onto his lap. I sat there he looked into my eyes, His were to die for. "Melody-Rose you've helped me through a lot and I've helped you. We might not be perfect but we will get through every rough thing!" He smiled with his arm wrapped around my waist. He pulled me closer and kissed my lips, his were firm, warm and gentle. He licked my bottom lip so ask for entrance to my mouth with his tongue I opened my mouth and it went from there. We were interrupted by The other 4 boys.I got up and pulled Niall up with me. "Guys fancy going shopping its a school day so the fans will probarly be at school?!" I suggested in a better mood. I walked away as Harry and Louis pulled both of my arms "Ow!" I wined as they pushed me back on the bench outside. "Look Mel we're sorry for invading your personal stuff! We just got bored and was looking for something fun to do!" Louis said sitting down next to me with his bottom lip out and his cute puppy dog eyes. "We truly are sorry Mel like Lou said just looking for fun!" Harry said  sitting on the other side of me. I sighed "Sorry aint good enough!" Niall smiled at me and mouthed punishment. To me. I smiled "You guys will have a punishment you will both clean the kitchen , bathrooms and living room, everyday!" Zayn, Niall, Liam (who just got back) and I burst into laughter. "NO WAY , NO FAIR!!!" Louis screamed "YEA WAY, YES  FAIR COS U EMARRESSED ME AND INFRONT OF MY FIANCE!" They both sighed and nodded.

"Well let's go then!" We all rushed into our complex and grabbed stuff ready to go to the mall. We climbed into my car and set off. We reached the nearest mall in Mullingar. We parked up and the boys and I put on our zip up hoodies and sunglasses just in case anyone noticed us. Luckily the mall was just filled with elderly people and adults/ parents. I hesitated to walk into Hollister to get some new tracky's and a hoodie I successfully bought them both in the same turquoise colour. We walked to Jack Wills for the lads and Niall bout me a new make-up bag, hoodie and a shirt. Then we walked to a few other stores and then to a store full of shoes. I walked into it and tried on about 10 pairs of shoes. Then the lads dared Harry and Niall to all around the store in heels. I laughed as I held their hand when all three of us were wearing 12inchheels."OWWHOW CAN YOU WALK IN THESE?" Niall said moaning I laughed and when we got back to Liam, Zayn and Lou they had just finished taping it on camera and uploaded it to twitter. I must have bought about 10 pairs of heels, 2pairs of converse, 7 pairs of shoes for work. Then I had to go get new stuff to wear to work. I also bout 5 new bags suitable for work and going out. We all finished shopping then we dropped bags into the car and walked a 2min walk to Nando's we ordered then ate. I was sat between Niall and Tommo, then across from the three of us was Harry Liam and Zayn. After we ate we strolled back to the car. Harry giving Lou a piggyback and Niall gave me one too. We were laughing. Then we got back to the car and drove back home. We got through into the living room and strolled to the DVD case and I chose a film it was  ' Marley & Me' This was one of my favourite films of all time because it was cute, emotional and funny. We all sat down. Niall and me snuggled into the loveseat. Lou and El into a long leather sofa with Danni and Liam. Then Harry sat with my cousin they had been on four dates and shared the sofa with Zayn and Perrie. I looked around and we all looked really cute together. I couldn't wish for better friends and family. I love being here with my friends who I count as family the lads an girls as bro's/sisters and Niall as my on and only fiancé soon to be husband.Then I criedat the end of the film I cried into Niall's chest.

Nialls POV

Mel was so cute when she was crying over Marley (the dog from Marley&Me) I hugged her tightly stroking her soft beautiful hair with my hand and when she had finished crying she was asleep I didn't notice until I looked up that everyone must have gone back to their rooms. I picked Melody up slowly and carefully and walked to our room, placed her on the bed and took off her clothes until she was in her bra and underwear. I stripped into my boxers and slid into the sheets and wapped my arms around her half cold half warm body and then fell asleep shortly.

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