Thanks For Embarresment Louis Tomilson.(One direction fan fiction)

Melody-Rose has just turned 17 when niall rings her and told her about 1direction now coming home from tour she wins the lottery 1 week before and sets up the mansion she just moved her and niall's stuff into the mansion and goes to deco the home for the other 4 boys and..................


15. The Big Day


Mel's POV

I was pacing back and forth after I had just had my hair, make-up, nails and done and dress put on and my shoes too. I was so nervouse the girls calmed me down. It was time I met Louis and the boys at the top of the isle. The girls and the boys walked down in their pairs together and everyone else too then my cue came i wrapped my arm around Louis' and walked slowly and nervously down toward my future husband. I felt shivers down my spine when i locked eye contact with him. My grip was strong on Louis and the boys looked so good. I was almost full of tears. Louis passed me to Niall and we joined hands as Lou and everyone else sat down. The preist started talking. I only answered when i was supposed to. "Melody-Rose Walkers do you take Niall James Horan to be your lawfully wedded husband in sickness and in health?" I stared him in his big blue orbs and said " I do!" He smiled. "You may now kiss the bride!" The preist announced. We kissed passionatley and everyone around us was cheering and we walked back down the isle to the other room for oour reception. I ordered a glass of wine and gulped it down now was the first dance to the music. We danced gracefully and in sync Niall bent down and whispered in my ear. "Well Mrs.Horan your a pretty good  dancer is it like this inside the bedroom aswell?" He stared back at  me and i buried m face into his neck with a blush creeping up my cheeks. We finished the dance and I was dancing alot and thanking people for coming when they had to leave. Mum and Dad came up to me and danced and kissed my cheeks "Thankyou so much Mum and Dad for coming I love you both!" I said hugging them one last time "We will see you after the honeymoon we need to go home we both have work in the morning!" I waved to my parents as they left. I walked back over and went to sit down before i had Louis come over and sit next to me. "Well it's the father and brides dance so come on love you owe your daddy a dance!" He said i chuckled "Fine dad!" I said grinning as he smiled back. He lead me to the dance floor as the music started. I hugged Louis after the dance and i felt warm tears fall down my face. "What's wrong love?" He asked me. "I'm just so happy to be married to the man i've known all my life and having my best friends here to support me through it all!".  He wiped my tears away with his thumb and kissed my cheek.

After everyone left we all got changed and Me and Niall grabbed our suitcases for our HoneyMoon in Hawaii. 


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