Thanks For Embarresment Louis Tomilson.(One direction fan fiction)

Melody-Rose has just turned 17 when niall rings her and told her about 1direction now coming home from tour she wins the lottery 1 week before and sets up the mansion she just moved her and niall's stuff into the mansion and goes to deco the home for the other 4 boys and..................


12. Seeing The Birthday Present From Harry


Melody's POV

I woke up about 9:45Am and saw Niall was still asleep. I wriggled out of his loose grasp and climbed out of bed. I pulled Niall's yellow Jack Will's top on top of my bra and a pair of pj's pants over the top and wrapped my dressing gown around my body. Then I slid my cold feet into my warm fluffy slippers and strolled into my kitchen and saw Zayn and Liam at the table drinking coffee and eating cereal. I grabbed a bowl of cereal and my favourite mug and made myself a cup of coffee and sat next to Liam across from Zayn. "Annie what are your plans today?" Harry said walking into the kitchen in nothing but boxers. "Nothing really!" He smiled "Perfect be ready for 11:45 and ill wake Nialler up!" Harry said smirking his dimples on display walking out of the kitchen with a tray of two bowls heaped of cereal and milk and two mugs of coffee. I finished my breakfast so did Lee-Li and Zaynster. They said the girl had gone to work/ university for today so the boys were taking me to some sort of place in the country side. I walked into our room and Slid on some jodhpurs (I like to wear these because they are comfy) a billa-bong teeshirt and a grey new look hoodie then I packed my willies in a bag and slid on my dark blue converse.

Then I put on a little make-up and brushed my hair into a high ponytail. I saw Harry waiting by the door for me. "You ready, mum?" He chuckled as he smiled. I raised my eyebrow "Call me that again and ill ground you forever no twitter or Facebook or seeing my cousin!" He pouted and I chuckled under my breath. "Come on then Haz. I was joking but aren't we meant to be somewhere?" He nodded and grabbed my willies bag and my arm and dragged me to the car. I grabbed my handbag, keys and phone and ran out to the Landrover and Niall started it up the boys all piled in. Harry sat in the front with Niall. Niall and the boys knew where we were going and so they made me sit in the back with Lou, Liam, ad Zayn. I sat next to Lou and across from us was Liam and Zayn. We arrived 15 Minuets later at a farm the boys blindfolded me and shoved my willies on my feet. They held my hands and walked me to somewhere. Then they un-blindfolded me and There was the animals I saw in the pictures. The beautiful horses in stables and a cute little black and white husky puppy with blue eyes. "Harry. What? When? Where? How?..." Before I could say anymore the lads smiled and I hugged all of them and kissed their cheeks when I go to Niall I kissed his lips for a moment softly. "Mel-Rose this is your birthday present from me and the lads. We know you love animals. So we got you 5 horses and a puppy. Your mum said you always wanted a puppy and horses and a farm!" Harry said smiling with his big green eyes and cute dimples. I hugged him one last time. Then I picked the puppy up. "Does he have a name?" I asked harry stroking the fluffy puppy. "Nah we want you to name him!" We walked into a room which had sofa's in and I sat down on a sofa with Niall all the boys stared at me waiting for a response. "Guys its so hard to decide! I think we should write down 2 names on different pieces of paper and put them in a bowl or a hat then pick 5 out and narrow it down to the one we like best!" They all agreed with a nod of their heads I told mine to Niall and he wrote them for me and folded them up and put them in a bowl. Considering I was holding the yet to be named puppy. We picked out five. Then each in turns we shouted them out.

Liam: "Smokey!"

Harry: "Echo!"

Louis: "Shadow!"

Zayn: "Zorro!"

Niall: "Astra!"

Me: "Venn!"

I chose the two I liked best. Astra and Zorro and we put them in the bowl and let Lou choose. He picked it out and it read:

"Zorro!" He said excitedly

"Welcome to the family baby Zorro!" I said in a baby voice. The lads 'awed' me and I put the puppy down by the fire to sleep. And he quite happily did then we fled the room and went to see the beautiful big horses they were all about 16.2h. They were all males aswell. I said the boys could name one each.

Liam's horse was a Chesnutt and he called him 'Drum'. Lou's' horse was dapple-grey and named him 'Superman!" typical Louis. Harry's horse was Bay and called him 'Chase'. Niall's horse was white and black and he named him 'Ash'. Then I had a beautiful Palomino and I named him 'Spirit' because he looked just like the horse Spirit from the film 'Spirit the stallion of the Cimarron' That used to be my favourite movie when I was younger. Me and Niall used to watch it together a lot. I went to a room and it had all new riding clothing and gear so  I got into it and walked out. Niall gave me a leg-up and smacked my bum. I gave him a oi! look He chuckled and led me into a riding school and he walked out to the outside of the rink and shouted "Babe show the lads what you can do!" He used to watch me do equestrian eventing and he used to come watch them up until I was 5 when I stopped to do my GCSE'S.I gave Spirit a light kick and then walked around for a bit to get him warmed up and then I did sitting trot then rising trot and then went into canter then gallop. When I finished. All of the lad's mouths were dropped open. I walked past them and shut them reaching of my tall Spirit. Then Niall walked away cause he could here Zorro barking. He picked him up and snuggled him in his arms. Aw looks like my fiancé likes my new puppy even though he loves cats and doesn't prefer dogs and puppies.

I got out of the arena and all the boys rushed over to me. I took off my hat and gave it to Liam to hold. They all followed me back to the stable I left the top window part of the door open and shut the bottom so Spirit wouldn't walk about everywhere. I let the guys stay on the outside as I took the tack off of my horse and put a rug over him and gave him some hay. I walked out and then got changed again the boys stood outside the changing room! "Mel can you please teach us how to ride and look after the horses?" They all asked in unison. "Well only if you do as your told!" I said walking out of the room in my previous clothes. They all agreed and I showed them how to groom their horses and what brushes were which. Then I gave the boys 3 buckets for their horses. 1 full of hay , another filled with horse mix and the last one filled with water. Whilst they gave them to their horses I rang up a good friend of mine who lived 2 minuets away and asked if she would feed them when I was at work or if I couldn't be there and she agreed to feed them tonight as well.

We got back into the car and Niall drove us home I was sat in the front with him and Zorro was on my lap asleep. I held Niall's free hand as we drove home . When we got their there was like hug amounts of post on the other side  of the door I went in put the puppy in its bed in the kitchen and Zayn and Liam picked up all the mail and dumped it on the dining table that was either from:    Work. Bills. Family letters. Takeaways. Vouchers. Orders ad Application forms. I then threw most things away that I didn't want. I put the rest in the letter holder in the lounge. My phone vibrated. It was twitter and texts I went to twitter first. And changed my name to; @SoonToBeMrs.Horan_xx

@Harry_Styles:  Look at our amazing @SoonToBeMrs.Horan_xx riding.    

There was a video of me and my riding today I smiled liked it then re-tweeted it. Then I looked at my text messages. I had 2 from Harry. 1 from El,1 from Perrie and 1 from  Danni and finally 5 from Niall.

I opened Harry's first:

From~ HazzaStyles<3:p : Did u like your presents? Hope u did!

From~ HazzaStyles<3:p : Gone to get dog food I borrowed £20 pounds from the emergency jar in the kitchen.

I sighed and read threw all the messages they weren't that important they were just : "Gonna be late tonight sorry if wake u up when I get in from uni/work!" Then I read Niall's messages.

From: My Sexy Leprechaun xoxo <3:

Hey Babe. Did u have a good day! Love u xx

From: My Sexy Leprechaun xoxo <3

Hey Baby girl you and Zayn meet me and the rest of the  lads outside The travel agents with the holiday voucher from Zayn. We need to book the holiday. Then we are going to eat at Pizza Express. Be there for 3Pm

From: My Sexy Leprechaun xoxo <3:


From: My Sexy Leprechaun xoxo <3 

Harry left dog food on poarch don't forget to feed Zorro

From: My Sexy Leprechaun xoxo <3

 3Pm outside pizza hut we are now going there xxxxx love u babes

I replied to all saying love you too. Okay. Thanks. I'll go wake Zayn up from his nap.See u at 3

I looked at the clock it was 2:30pm I fed Zorro and woke up Zayn who was napping on the couch he did his hair and I changed into jeans, my new top and my new hoodie then I slid on my white converse shoes and walked out after grabbing my door keys, phone and shoved them in my handbag whilst walking down my driveway to a taxi cos Niall had taken the car. Typical Nialler. Zayn got in the cab, We arrived outside pizza express and The guys greeted us. Niall greeted me with a hug and a peck on the lips. We entered pizza express and sat down. I sat next to Lou and Niall and across from Lou was Harry, Then across from me Liam and across from Niall was Zayn. Lou & Harry ordered a large meat feast pizza to share and me, Zayn and Liam ordered a large Hawaiian pizza to share and Niall had a large Chicken feast pizza for himself. When the food came we ate and talked about today and when I was waiting for the boys to finish I snuggled into Niall on the sofa bench and typed in all the names of people who Niall and I wanted on our Holiday. The voucher was re-useable for over 5 years. I listed us lot, the girls and some of our friends who are celebrities:

1.Me, 2.Eleanor, 3.Danielle, 4.Liam, 5.Harry, 6.Louis, 7.Zayn , 8.Niall, 9.James Corden, 10.Ed Sheeran, 4 Girls from Little Mix,15.16.17.~The lads from District 3, lads from Union J, 22.Demi Lavato, 23.Michael Buble, 24.Katy Perry, 25.Simon Cowell, lads from The Wanted. 

We left Pizza Express and walked 2 mins to the travel agent and used the voucher on the 30 people who were going. We booked it to go to the Caribbean in 3weeks and we texted everyone deets. It was going to be a private holiday and had certain people deliver our food. After we booked we piled into the Landrover and I drove us home. When piled out of the car and were greeted by Zorro. Louis ad Harry snuggled and played with him on the floor. We all stood and laughed. Then Zorro jumped on my lap when I sat down and licked my face then the boys laughed and then Niall took him off me and put fresh water down for him. Then he fell asleep instantly. He was a lazy puppy. We all went to the dining room and sat down. I got out my laptop and the boys got their weekly planners and we organised what we are doing tomorrow.

"Right guys, so I know the girls and I  have work or uni off tomorrow so we'll go dress and shoe shopping then you boys go suite shopping. the colour theme is champagne, green, royal blue and white!" I explained simply.

"Okay so we wont see each other till dinner?" Niall said mumbling "Sorry babe but we have to get this done. Tomorrow night we will all pick a lovely place for us to get married then the wedding reception and also the honeymoon!" I sighed and I reached over gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek then he smiled. I chuckled and turned back to the wedding planning.

"So what month do you have free?" I asked the lads. I wanted to get married in the summer months really! "Urm we have from July- September off for the Holidays!" I smiled Summer Holiday Wedding! "Perfect so we'll book that all up tomorrow after we look around at places for the wedding!" We all agreed and Liam made us a stir-fry. With extras for the girls. I sent them texts earlier about tomorrow. We all ate then had a couple of hours talking in  the Jacuzzi. Then we went to bed about 10:30.

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