Thanks For Embarresment Louis Tomilson.(One direction fan fiction)

Melody-Rose has just turned 17 when niall rings her and told her about 1direction now coming home from tour she wins the lottery 1 week before and sets up the mansion she just moved her and niall's stuff into the mansion and goes to deco the home for the other 4 boys and..................


7. Packing Up


Niall's POV

I woke up in the tent with Melody-Rose by me side. She has a lovely body apart from 6 or 7 scars. I woke her up gently and pulled her into a hug. I pecked her lips and then I got up, got dressed into some trunks and left the tent. Then melody came out 5mins later with her favourite green bikini with my name on it! I smiled showing my braces. "Your wearing your favourite person!" I said sarcastically. "Who?" She asked in confusion. I walked over to her and out my arms around her waist and stared into her big eyes. "Me of cause!" She giggled and blushed a little. I kissed her forehead and took her hand and walked towards the ocean. We walked into the cold sea and I let go of her hand and picked her up and threw her in the water. I found it funny so I laughed! She then got up and jumped on my back and it made me fall into the cold water as well. We were both laughing and giggling and having a good time. I just wanted to know something but I'm not sure if she'll tell me or any of the boys for that matter.

Mel's POV

after we had finished goofing about. I went back to the tent and got dry in my towel then we packed everything up. We walked back to the beach house and by that time it was already 11Am I ran inside and up the stairs and jumped on Zayn's bed telling him to get up he could tell I was in a good mood. Then I ran to Harry's room and jumped on his bed. Then I ran to Louis' bedroom and jumped on the bad till he woke up. Then Liam's bedroom I jumped on the bed and shouted "OI MR.LIAM LAZY PANTS GET UP OR ELSE!"  I smiled at him. "Or Else what?" He asked "Niall, Hazza, Zayn and Lou! Come quick!"   "What?" "Guys Liam's not getting up .I whispered in their ears what the plan was. They picked him up and followed me down the stairs and in his pj's we threw him in the ocean and we all laughed Niall picked me up and put me on his shoulders and I bent over and kissed his cheek. The other 3 boys fell over in laughter. Niall put me down and kissed my lips. When we all stopped laughing we walked back to the beach house. Me and my Nialler walked hand in hand. His hands were warm and firm. I don't think the boys knew my strength. I thought of what it would be like to wrestle all of them.

"RIGHT BOYS WHO'S UP FOR AN ARM WRESTLE AGAINST ME?" They all laughed "Challenge accepted but you'll never beat any of us!" They said in unison I smiled. "You'd be surprised!" I said under my breath and they must of heard and they all snickered. We ran to the house. I cracked my knuckles and put my elbow on the table ready to wrestle Louis he put his elbow on the table and put all our force into our hands. I smirked and pushed his hand down and it hit the table. "OW-WW!" Louis screeched 30 Min's later I had wrestled all the boys apart from Niall "Babe are you sure u want me 2 wrestle you! I don't want to hurt you!" I warned him. He laughed "You wont hurt me I'm much stronger than you!" He tried to get round to me but I ignored that "Well don't say I didn't warn you!". I cracked my knuckles one more time and put my elbow on the table within a minuet his hand was smacked on the table "OW-WWW!"   "I did warn you!" Then I got up and danced around the table and sang "I WIN YOU LOSE! HOPE YOU GET A BIG BRUISE!" Then Niall picked me up by me waist and kissed my lips! When we parted they were staring at us. "Guys would you all like a hug too?" Harry smiled and his dimples made me smile I put my arms out and he wrapped his around my back and mine around his back. Then I pulled away and hugged Liam then Louis and then Zayn then I grabbed some boxes from the garage and wrote on the boxes what I wanted in there we had only 3 days left before we had to leave for Mullingar again. We started in the living room Niall and I did picture related things (Canvases, Photo's and other stuff) Liam and Louis had books, Liam and Harry had the job of packing the collectables. We all looked at pictures of me and my family when I was younger. "AWW Mel-Rose you look so cute when you were younger in these photo's!" Zayn said in a baby talk voice.

Niall's POV

"You should have seen her for real she looked even beautifuler!" I said staring into her big green eyes!

"Nialler beautifuler is not a word mate!" Harry said smirking! "Is too" I argued. "Babe no its not!" Mel replied I tickled her till she gave in and was on my side!

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