Thanks For Embarresment Louis Tomilson.(One direction fan fiction)

Melody-Rose has just turned 17 when niall rings her and told her about 1direction now coming home from tour she wins the lottery 1 week before and sets up the mansion she just moved her and niall's stuff into the mansion and goes to deco the home for the other 4 boys and..................


2. He Moved Next Door


I think I was about 12 when he moved in next door.i went round to his house with my family to introduce ourselves. I rang the doorbell. a lady answered. "Hello my name is Melody-Rose Walkers and these are my parents Jaqui Walkers and David Walkers and we live next door and we wanted to bring you this cactus plant from our house that we've hadfor ages they live for like ever. I'm 12!" she invited us in."Hello my name is Maura, this is my  family my Husband, my eldest son Gregg and my youngest son Niall aged 12 we are the Horans!" We shook hands with all of them. Niall was the last person to shake my hand and the touch in his tand tingled up my spine in a good way. I knew we were going to be amazing friends.

The following Monday my mum and maura had already became bff's like me and niall and we walked to the school that we attended together. and we left together and that went on and in year 9 he asked me out I said yes.then we both turned 16 in year 11 he studied music and arts and I studied fashion and we both studied child development we don't know why but we just did. we did everything together we played football ,basketball, volleyball and other sports. it came up to the x-factor auditions we travelled to Dublin. Me , Niall , Maura, Gregg , Niall's Dad and all our closest friends and he kissed me for 5 minuets then went on stage I was so nervous but I think he was as-well well more and I heard his charming voice sing. He sounded abosolutley amazing to me and I loved him so much. When he'd fnished and Simon, Louis, Katy said yes I was so happy I ran out onto the stage and he kissed me we ran off stage hand in hand and were crying we all had a group hug and we left. We all went home and the next day Niall decided to take me on a date to the cinema to watch some romance film. we sat at the back and I shed tears he held my chin pulled me against his chest he kissed me on the lips it was so dreamy.

three weeks later he left for the XFactor I couldn't stop crying for 2 weeks I cried myself to sleep.

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