Thanks For Embarresment Louis Tomilson.(One direction fan fiction)

Melody-Rose has just turned 17 when niall rings her and told her about 1direction now coming home from tour she wins the lottery 1 week before and sets up the mansion she just moved her and niall's stuff into the mansion and goes to deco the home for the other 4 boys and..................


18. Harry's New Girl

Mel-Roses POV

I has been 2 months since we found out i was pregnant. My belly has started growing as the bump is now 2 1/2 months and is small but noticeable. It was 6 AM and i coulsnt sleep Niall was snoring beautifully so i crawled out of his grasp and headed downstairs where i found Dani crying in the kitchen. "Babe whats wrong?!" I asked sitting down next to her. "I found out im two months pregnant!" She cried I emraced her and she cried into my shirt. I comforted heruntil 7:15 am when she stopped crying "Thanks!" She said. Then i covered my mouth and ran for my bathroom. I soon was accompanied by Niall ho was holding my hair and rubbing my back. After i brushed my teeth 4 times. 

Niall comforted me. This is going to be a long and tiring pregnancy.  We went downstair and had breakfast and after i got changed to go to work:

I got my keys and said goodbye to the girls because the boys were at an interveiw and headed off for my last day of work before the holiday we were going on.

*After work*

I arrived home to the smell of chicken stir fry. I walked into the kitchen and everyone was making food. I stood in the door way un-noticed. When dinner was made and finished i went up behind Niall and wrapped my arm around his strong body and kissed kis ear. He spun round and hugged me carefully before grabbing my hips and pressing his lips to mine. I smiled into the kiss and it was ruined. 

"EWWWW NIALL AND MEL AND DOING PDA EWWW!" Louis screeched i picked up the towel from the side and threw it at him and pressed my lips back to Nialls for a moment. We all ate then watched a movie. We watched Grease me El, Niall and Louis kept jumping up and down and singing. Me and El sand the girls parts and Lou and Ni sung the lads parts. At the end we all brought our covers down and laughed and told stories about how we all met and then we all fell asleep wrapped up in our couples on the floor smiling.




Nialls POV

Today we were all talking Liam and Dani to get a puppy for their 2 year anniversary but they didnt know.We got to an animal shelter and Dani and Liam got so excited. Wel walked around and they met the dogs but stopped at a black and wite fluffy husky puppy who was tiny but so cute. Liam whispered in Dani's ear. " HE'S THE ONE!" They said in unison excitedly so we went to head office where Harry was still standing talking to the Receptionist. It had been 2 hours. Here we go.......

Harrys POV

I was stranding for a good 2 hours talking to the beautiful receptionist named Spelaa about her work at the animal shelter and how we both love animals. When Everyone came back. Spelaa and I swapped numbers and I texted her all the way home.

To: Spelaa xx 

Hey Spelaa,

Do you wanna hang out tonight?Go for some food and then watch movies with us and the girls and show us how to train Loki tomorrow you can stay in my room ill sleep on the couch

Harry xx ;) <3

To: Harry x

Sure i dont mind i have the weekend off so yeah i dont mind ill have to grab some stuff from home first then we can meet at Costa? Then we can go to yours?

Spel's xx <3 :P

To Spel's xx

Sure ill meet you at 5pm

Spelaa's POV

in the short time i had known Harry i had known we had a connection i like him alot but he didnt feel the same way about me. I finished work at 3 and got home for 4 then i showered and got changed for 4:45 then grabbed my stuff and headed for Costa where i bought a caramel Latte and drank it waiting for Harry. Suddenly my phone buzzed i looked at it and there was an incoming call from Harry i answered it (H-Harry, S-Spelaa)

H- Hey Love

S- Hey Harry , where are you?

H- Im just passing Burger King are you ready?

S- Yes just finished my latte ill meet you outisde.

H- okay bye love

And with that we hung up and i got my stuff and waited outside a few short minuets Harry came and gave me a hug i kissed his cheek. He was a good friend and he also smelled so nice and looked amazing and his hair was curly and brown with his sparkling green eyes and i couldnt wait to spend more time with him.

*3 weeks later*

Spelaa's POV

I am being picked up by harry in 5 minuets im ready to go out on our 3rd date we have been dating for 2 weeks and we have been on 2 dates , 1 to the Beach and 1 to the cinema to see G.I.Joe which was fun. He always made me laugh. 

I was dressed in a mid-thigh bodycon black dress with my black blazer and cutch bag and my flat ballerina pumps i was 5ft 6 so i didnt need any height yet Harry is 5ft 8. I was2inches shorter and just reached his lips. When he got here we kissed for a moment before getting in his car and heading for the restraunt we were going to. I was paying this time because Harry didnt give in the first two times. But he did this time. 



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