Thanks For Embarresment Louis Tomilson.(One direction fan fiction)

Melody-Rose has just turned 17 when niall rings her and told her about 1direction now coming home from tour she wins the lottery 1 week before and sets up the mansion she just moved her and niall's stuff into the mansion and goes to deco the home for the other 4 boys and..................


8. Come on we've gotta get home


Mel's POV

we all went to bed early last night because today we were going back to Mullingar for the three more weeks. So we could go and have fun with the boys. *RING RING* my phone rang "Hello?" "Hello Is Melody-Rose available to speak to?"   "Yes this is she can I help and may I ask who's calling?"   "Yes I am Samuel we are so sorry for calling you later than I told you we would call! do you want the good or bad news first?" He asked I was suspicious I walked outside onto the beach.  "Good news I suppose." I replied "Well you got the job and there is now bad news!"

"Thanks Samuel when will I need to be at work?" I asked excitedly   "I'll send you an email see you soon goodbye!" I hung up and Niall and the four boys ran to me "What's up Mel?" Niall asked. I think I'll play a trick so I made my fake cry come on I sniffled on purpose " Well urm remember that job interview I went to?" "Yea  what about it Mel?" Liam asked  

"Well I uh ................. I - I - I- I GOT THE JOB!!!" I screamed They all crowded around me and it became a group hug. "CONGRATS!" they all said in unison. "Baby girl I'm so proud of you!" Niall picked me up and kissed my lips firmly. "Thanks guys , you're awesome!"  "So what was the job?" All five asked  "Well I just got a job as a CFD!" the looked confused "What's a CFD!" They all asked " It's a Celebrity Fashion Designer! I could have a shot at dressing you guys for your video's and concerts! And I might be able to dress other famous people" We all jumped up and down "Give me a sec guys and Mel!" Liam said as he strolled off and rang somebody. he came back 20 mins later "Hey guys lets go back and load up my Landrover! I want to go home and I have to meet my friend tomorrow for lunch so need to find  something to wear!" I explained then we packed up and loaded everything in the trunk and we set off. We reached home at 3:45pm so we had time to unpack and put my grandpappy's stuff in the other empty garage. Then Niall, Liam , Louis , Zayn and Harry fled into the dining room and told me to go away! I went upstairs and laid on my bed and napped.

Harry's POV

"Guys she's just got a job I think we should celebrate by ringing her family, Nialler's family and her friends to come for a huge dinner at the new posh restraint in town!" I explained to the boys!

"Yea I agree it will be great but can we call everyone now!" Niall said. We all went off and got everyone's number from Niall and Obviously me so we rang them and we told them where to meet us and what time we set it for 7:30PM. When we'd finished I pulled everyone back to the dining room.

"Nialler do you remember you still have to give Mel-Rose her birthday presents!" I reminded him "Oh yeah thanks Hazza!" We got them out and we all walked up to their room and he gently woke her up and kissed her forehead we all sat on the bed and watched her open the presents.

Mel's POV

I woke up to Niall kissing my forehead. "Babe here's your presents sorry they're late!" I smiled "Its okay! Thanks boys!" I opened Louis' first because he would whine if I didn't. It was A shirt saying 'I <3 KEVIN AND LOUIS!'  I laughed and hugged him! "Thanks Lou you and Kevin are awesome!" He smiled "I KNOW RIGHT!" He replied smiling! Then Zayn gave me his present it was a gift card to go to any holiday destination with up to 30 people. I thanked him and gave him a hug "Cheers Zayn!" He smiled so did I. Then Liam's present it was really nice it was a pair of black 6inch heels considering I was only 5ft1. "OMG Liam how did you know I wanted these? And thanks they are so amazing and in the right size!" "Its okay Mel-Rose Niall told me you liked them he said you wanted them!" I smiled and hugged him tightly then harry approached me with an envelope "Hazza what's this!" I pulled out 5 Photo's 1 of the boys, one of the boys and me , one of 5 beautiful and different coloured horses, one of me and Niall and one of a husky puppy with Blue eyes (like Niall's) and black, white and grey fur . "Harry thanks but what are these horses and what's with the puppy!"  he smiled I hugged him "You'll see tomorrow cancel your lunch plans we are taking you somewhere!" "Haz I cant just leave my cousin!"   "Yes you can!"  "I'll do it for you!" he winked at me when we pulled apart. then Niall picked me up and put me on his lap and gave me a huge box. I opened it and inside was a pack of vouchers, Sunnis, a new black bag and a beautiful short black dress. I loved it ,it was so pretty and sparkly. "Oh babe you dint have to get me all of these things any of you I could have just stuck with the bikini's!" I explained hugging them once again. "Yea we did because you have taken us in and treated us like family and even said we are basically your family!"   

"Yeah that's correct I think of you as my family. Zayn and Liam your like my older protective immature/mature brothers, Louis like the dad I'd never had , Harry like a son a very immature one! And Niall well your just my Nialler my fiancé!" I smiled and they all hugged me in a group! I laughed. I was happy. Everyone apart from Niall fled the room. "Baby girl when we were in the tent the other day when you were you know.. naked urm I saw 7 scars on your body . 2 on each wrist and 5 on different part on your body!" I snuggled up to him "Urm well everyday you were off school because of illness or whatever the bullies would beat my body but then I hade enough and started to ....!" I burst out into tears he pulled me in closer "Babe what did you start to do?" I calmed down a bit  "I cut myself because of them!"

Harrys POV

We stayed outside of the bedroom door and sat in the corridor to listen to their convocation. Mel was talking to Niall about her childhood and burst into tears and told him what her scars were for. "I cut myself because of them!" All four of our jaws were dropped and I shed a tear. I grabbed the boys and led them to my room. "Guys her childhood when Niall wasn't around must have been horrible we need to cheer her up Shit its almost 6:30!" They all nodded and we all she tears!.......


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