Thanks For Embarresment Louis Tomilson.(One direction fan fiction)

Melody-Rose has just turned 17 when niall rings her and told her about 1direction now coming home from tour she wins the lottery 1 week before and sets up the mansion she just moved her and niall's stuff into the mansion and goes to deco the home for the other 4 boys and..................


6. Beach Part 2


Zayn's POV.

"omg I like this girl Nialler this food is well nice!" Louis commented we all laughed she blushed a little.

Niall ate so fast he had cheese around his mouth. It was funny I threw him a napkin but he used his sleeve!

"Babe what have I told you about using your sleeve to wipe food off your face? Use the napkin next time!"

"I know but this is so much Casualer!"   "Baby boy Casualer is not a word!" "It is if I say so!" he argued with her.





 So when they'd finished 5 mins later we all washed up apart from the two love birds!They were kissing at the table and smiling when they parted! "Hey guys im gonna get changed I think im going to go for a swim!" Said Mel-Rose! We all agreed to go with her we grabbed towels and got changed into swimwear she walked downstairs with her towel! "Guys I forgot my bikini I wont go swimming!"  

"WAIT!" we all shouted we just remembered we got her one for her birthday! 

"Here you go open your 1st birthday present!" "Guys you dint have to get me anything!"  "Yeah we did!" She opened it and there was 5 bikinis, One green, One blue, one purple, one red, and one yellow on each of our favourite colours was our names and a love heart on the bum and boob piece she ran upstairs and got changed into the blue one to not upset Lou. She came down and looked A. M . A. Z . I. N. G.!!!! we all stared at her till Niall gave us the look and we all hugged her then we grabbed towels and ran outside!!

We ran down to the beach and splashed in the water. Niall picked Mel-Rose up and threw her in the water. Everyone was laughing even Mel. She's like a sister to all of us obviously apart from Niall! Then we went back inside and played strip poker for the fun of it! None won first to loose was harry, then me and Lou then niall then Mel and Liam at the same time we were all dancing Naked and drunk. We went to bed at 3Am.

Niall POV

I woke up at 10AM with a huge headache then I saw Mel was asleep so I decided to climb on top of her and snog her till she woke up 10 mins after she snogged me back and we were both naked and remembered this from the night before when we played strip poker. We laughed and I pulled her out of bed and into our on suite bathroom and we both got in the shower I put my arms around her waist and kissed her she threw her arms around my neck and we kissed for a minuet or two then she pulled apart and turned around to wash her beautiful hair.I put my arms around her waist again and then when she finished with washing her hair and the warm water was rushing on us I kissed her neck she got out so I washed my hair and she stood their brushing her teeth and I sang to her kiss you then at the end I got out and kissed her.

 She was really beautiful. I knew it was the right thing to propose to her! I'm so glad I did! When we pulled apart I ran my fingers threw her knotted hair and untangled it and stared into her beautiful green eyes! I gave her a hug and wrapped my arms around her waist.

"Melody-Rose you are beautiful I'm so glad I am going to marry you!" I whispered in her ear.

"No I'm not! I am glad to marry you too babe!" She said quietly. She pulled away from my hug and got dressed, did her hair and walked out of the room within about 5 minuets. When she left I got dressed when I had finished I gathered the boys we all went downstairs and we couldn't find Mel-Rose, so we decided to split up.

Liam POV.

We split up to find Melody. I soon found her on the beach sitting on the sand with her head in her knee's. I didn't tell Niall. So I walked over to her . "Hey do you mind if I sit next to you!" I asked near to a whisper. She wiped tears from her eyes and sniffled "Yea sure!"

I could tell she was upset about something. "What's wrong Mel-Rose? I can tell something's up im not stupid you know!" I put my arms around her body and pulled her into a hug and stroked her soft hair. "Okay ill tell you but you can not tell ANYONE! AND I MEAN ANYONE! I already hate talking about it!"

She pulled out of the hug and turned to face the ocean. She sniffled "When I was younger my mum dropped me off at high school. Niall was ill and he always stood up for me when people bullied me or said hurtful things! But the days he wasn't there and they would find out and beat me and told me I was ugly and that I was fat! Im not saying anymore promise me you wont tell Niall because he'll get angry!"  I was so shocked a tear fell down the cheek. I pulled her into a hug and looked around and saw Niall walking towards us. I gave him a look that gestured to go away I'll tell you later! I pulled away from her hug and picked her up wiped tears off both of our faces and text the boys to come and pick her up and take her back to the beach house. They came running we all smiled Niall went to her and she thought he was going to give her a hug but that was something different. He held her hands and smiled. Then Louis picked her up and threw her over his shoulder smacked her bum! "Bad bad girl you have been very naughty! Tut tut!" He said whilst we all laughed "Put me down!!" She screamed "YES YOU HAVE BEEN VERY NAUGHTY INDEED!" Zayn said smiling! Louis ran down the beach to the beach-house and we tossed her on the couch of pillows and tickled her. "Guys STOP PLEASE YOUR HURTING ME!" We stopped when we realised we had hurt her! She got up "Boys what was that for?" We shrugged. "Because we want you to feel happy and in a FUN mood!" I explained.   "Hey boys we should leave Nialler and Mel to talk for a bit lets go for showers then to make SAND ANGELS!!!!" Harry and Louis explained in unison. She giggled and blushed in laughter.

Melody's POV.

I saw the four boys flee the room. I was pulled onto Niall's lap and he wrapped his arms around me. I laid my head on his shoulder. "Babe you know you can tell me anything right?" He said in a calm mood. "Yes I know but if I told you this specific thing then you would get angry and throw punches because of it! I know what your like when your angry baby boy!" He smiled and nodded his head! "Okay tell me later or when we get home!" I looked at the time 2:30pm. I stood up and walked into the kitchen and fixed us all sandwiches. I cut them into triangles and lay them on pale blue patterned plates and called the boys to the table for lunch. "BOYS LUNCH!" They all came in wearing shorts and no t-shirts. I was comfortable with this because of my Nialler! I received a text because my phone buzzed so I took it out my pocket.

From: My Sexy Leprechaun xoxo <3  

I love you! R  u    urm..... up for a date tonight just you and me?? reply soon love u xoxoxoxoxoxo <3 <3 <3 <3

I replied quickly! 

To: My Sexy Leprechaun xoxo <3

Yea no problem ill find sometime to find something nice to wear! Love u 2 BTW xoxoxoxo <3 :-*

From: My Sexy Leprechaun xoxo <3

Don't bother just wear one of ur bikini's and something meet me outside about 5pm ish.

I didn't reply just gave Niall I cant wait look! He smiled back with his beautiful white braced up teeth! I went over with the empty dishes and washed them but before I picked anymore up Niall pulled me onto his lap by my waist and he kissed my lips so I kissed him back! I pulled apart and kissed his cheek I picked the dishes up and Harry took over washing them. "Thanks Harry! But can I borrow Liam, Harry and Zayn in about 5-10mins please!" They agreed with a nod of their heads I ran upstairs and they came up 5mis after "What up Mel?" They asked in confusion. "Okay since I class you three as brothers and Louis as a dad and Niall well you know! I'm going on a date with him at 5 so I need Zayn to help Niall make us a picnic or something please and you two have to help with everything else!" They groaned. Zayn walked away with a smile on his face! I shut the door. "Guys I don't know what to wear over my bikini?" HELP PLEASE!" They went through all of my drawers! YES ALL OF THEM! I had to throw a book at harry for looking through my underwear drawer and putting one pair of my lace panties on his head. I laughed so hard I just laid down on the bed I watched them discuss in whispers and then hours later they had picked out my Niall bikini and some black ripped short shorts and a black button up blouse I liked this outfit a lot I thanked them and gave them bone crushing hugs and kissed their cheeks. I looked at the clock and it was 4:45pm and I rushed them both out of my room . I got showered, dried and straightened my hair and put it in a high ponytail. I then applied my favourite green eye-shadow and the rest of my make-up! And then I got dressed I walked into the kitchen to find Zayn had made the picnic and Niall was outside with it in his hands and was on his phone what looked like twitter. I thanked them all apart from Louis who was on the couch asleep. I looked at the clock 5pm. I threw on my flip-flops and walked outside. Niall put his phone in his pocket and he grabbed my hand. "Hello sexy your looking finer than fine tonight!" He said charmingly! I blushed and giggled he pecked my forehead and we walked off. Sunset was always around 7pm here! So we walked and talked for 1Hour away from the house. I'm guessing so the boys couldn't see us! He pulled out a tent and put it up whilst I sat there in a beach chair.  We walked  a little far away from the tent and laid a picnic blanket out he pulled two glasses with little four leaf clovers on and I smiles as he poured us a bottle of Jacob Creeks white wine! It tasted really divine! After we ate and had long conversations about how we met etc. etc. and putting everything back inside the basket. Then he pulled me onto his lap and I had my legs wrapped around his back so I had my bum on his thighs and my arms around his neck his around my waist and his legs stretched out like normal. He took my hair down and ran his fingers threw it. He kissed my and we shared tongues. He moved his hands down slowly and he had his strong and firm hands on my ass. He pulled out of the kiss and I rested my head on his shoulder and he kissed me neck. He sang to me then He picked me up bridal styles and carried all our stuff to our huge 2 man tent! He dropped me inside on the sleeping bags. We lay next to each other. He unbuttoned my shirt and I pulled of my shorts then he did the same. All I was in was the Green bikini and he was in his blue boxers. He climbed on top of me and started kissing my neck. I giggled abit then he found my weak spot on the right side of my neck on the collar bone and he sucked on it I giggled and let out a moan. "Niall....." He chuckled whilst he kissed my neck I knew there was going to be a huge love bite bruise their tomorrow and the boys will act stupid and giddy/ inappropriate.

Niall POV


I'll update tomorrow  hope u liked the book so far you'll see Niall's POV first bit of this updated chapter or chapter 6

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