Thanks For Embarresment Louis Tomilson.(One direction fan fiction)

Melody-Rose has just turned 17 when niall rings her and told her about 1direction now coming home from tour she wins the lottery 1 week before and sets up the mansion she just moved her and niall's stuff into the mansion and goes to deco the home for the other 4 boys and..................


5. Beach Part 1


Melody's POV

I woke up and got out of bed leaving Niall snoring sound asleep.I was in my underwear so I out on Niall's dressing gown.

Looked at my clock it was 9am I walked down the corridor to Liam's room and I woke him up. "Hey Liam, wake up !" he got up and he was only in his boxers I didn't care cos I'd seen Niall like this before. I chucked him his Hollister sweatpants and he woke Louis and Harry up and I woke up Zayn we all went into my room and jumped on the bed until we woke up Niall he kicked all the boys off the bed and they fled the room. e pulled me down so my legs were either side of his waist and he put his hands through my hair and pulled me closer so he could kiss me.

 He tore off the dressing gown and put his warm hands up my cold back which made me tremble in delight! I pulled away from his kiss and waked him with a pillow! "What was that for?" he mumbled as he pouted! "Get up Mr.Lazy we are going to the beach!" We got up I put on his green jack wills hoodie and it just showed my bum a little. Oh well I knew these guys and Niall would give them a stare to back off. He wore his dressing gown we walked downstairs to the kitchen were the boys all made us breakfast so they kicked me out so I couldn't see what it was I went on twitter and say this comment I faviroted! :

@1D'sBeauty!: @NiallOfficial @Mel&NiallBFF's you are cute hope you are  all well ill watch xfactor in 4 weeks to see ya xoxo

it made my day good then I sent an email to mum saying I was waitng toll8pm tonight to find out if I got the job or not! 15 mins later I have like  a 3 course breakfast cereal , French toast and fryup with orange juice and a black coffee. "Thanks guys but what will you eat?" "Ceral!" I refused to eat all of it gave Liam and zayn my fry-up, luois and harry my cerals and niall and myself shared the French toast!.

We  ate then I announced "GUYS WE ARE GOING TO MY GRANDPAPPY'S PRIVATE BEACH HE LEFT ME! WE'RE STAYING THERE THIS WEEKEND!" we all got ready and grabbed a weekend bag each. I wore black shorts and white tank top that said :  ' I <3 1D! ' they all snickered when I ran out through the house packing towels and sun cream and snacks and loaded up my car then we got to the beach about 45 mins after we set off it was beautiful.

Niall POV.

When we got there I jumped out of the front seat and opened the door for Mel and then got all mine and her bags and refused to let her carry any of them to the beach house. It was bigger than the house we lived in. I walked inside and we all placed our bags in the porch. When Mel got inside the house she took us on a tour of the fine house. More like mansion. It was huge it had four floors.

"Right guys follow me. Ground floor Dining room, Kitchen, Utility room and the living room. Take a seat" Mel said excitedly.

"Why are we sitting thought this was a tour! Your mean!" Louis said sadly

"Ground Rules!"

"1. no climbing on furniture or smashing anything on purpose."

"2.none allowed sit in this chair! I mean it! it was grand pappy's chair he always sat in it even when he died" She flooded out tears! We ran to her and put our arms around her to comfort her! She stopped crying.

"Sorry guys just a break down me and my grandpap's were really close! I used to come here when I wasn't at school, with Niall , homework or my clubs or home!!" she sat us back down and carried on the 'Ground Rules'

" parties!"                "Awww but that's NOT FAIR!!!" Harry and Louis screamed,

"Tuff shit my grandpa never let me and I don't want anything broken till its all packed up which I'm planning to do sometime we're here!" She continued again

"  fighting inside the house!"

"And 5.Don't touch the plates that are on that shelf! They are his collections of famous people on plates!"

after that we got to the stairs she took us upstairs and told us to bring our bags!

"Right Floor 1 bedroom 1 Harry this is your room it used to be my Uncle because he liked yellow when he was young and lived in the U.K!"  

we walked into the next room it had an on suite. "bedroom 2 .Zayn this is your room in the bathroom there is 10 mirrors my granpa's but we cleaned it all he loved mirrors and  he loved red too.!"

then we entered a bathroom

"Bathroom as you can see!"

Zayn and harry dumped there suitcases and helped with Mel's they were really light compared to mine!

"Floor 2 bedroom one. Liam's room its purple because it used to be my room and it has an on suite too."

"bedroom two of the second floor. Louis' room blue from my cousins they love blue it used to have bunk beds but it changed! A lot!"

then Liam and Lou put their cases on the beds and we went up the next floor!

"This is floor is floor 4. Room 1 mine and Niall's its huge it was my mothers its green because it was her favourite colour and that is the colour of her and my eyes! we have an on suite !" We dumped our bags and entered this room that was big enough for 10 more people.

"Guys this is the home cinema he had fitted when I was 7 I think bout 11 years ago to entertain us and its 3D!" It was huge and dark and the screen was 3D AMAZING OR WHAT??

We then all went downstairs and Mel made some Mac and cheese with help of Liam and Harry who she slapped because he touched her bum I gave him a stern look and he grinned back with a okay ill stop look!


Update soon promise!!! xoxox

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