The Fat Girl Project.

“Dude you’re kidding me right? Her?” Riley shook his head grinning,
“I bet you $500 dollars that you can’t make her into the girl of every guy’s dreams, using your charm of course. We’ll call it...The Fat Girl Project!” Troy hesitated for a minuet as he stared at Riley’s extended hand.


2. Chapter 2

Annette sighed frustrated as she stared at her songbook, the tip of her pen pressed against the page. It’s been 3 days since Troy had come up to her with his ‘offer’. Getting up she ran her fingers through her hair as she trudged slowly to her bathroom. Bending down with difficultly she pulled out a weighing scale. Heaving a sigh Annette put a foot on it before standing completely on it. Closing her eyes she mumbled to herself,
“Count to 10 Ette, just one look...One peek..” slowly opening her eyes, she looked down at the scale,
“200 pounds?”  she whispered to herself frantically. Stepping off the scale Annette crumbled to the floor crying,
“How did this happen?” she whispered as the tears ran down her face, “I’ve been trying so hard...”
Fiona’s voice filled her head,
“No matter how hard you try you’ll still be the mama whale and will always be.” Annette’s breath hitched in her throat, then she saw Tyler’s face in her head. Imaging him walking off with Fiona leaving her all alone. Leaning her head against the bathroom door she ran her hand over her stomach feeling sick from just the feel of it. Getting up again as she placed her hand on the door for support, she lifted her shirt slowly taking a deep breath as she stared at her reflection in the mirror. Her eyes stung again as she ran to the toilet and stuck her fingers down her throat...


Troy picked up his pace as he jogged around the school’s basketball caught,
“COME ON LADIES!” Coach Helton yelled at them waving his arms around his face turning red from all the screaming he was doing.
“OKAY BREAK” was heard. Everyone collapse to the ground exhausted. Troy ran his fingers through his hair as sweat dripped down his face. Suddenly a bottle of water was being handed to him, looking up he saw Tyler. Raising an eyebrow he took the bottle and scooted a bit so there was space for him to sit.
“Thanks” Troy said opening the bottle, Tyler just nodded taking a sip from his water. Tyler cleared his throat and looked at Troy,
“So what did you have to talk to Ette about?” he asked his voice raspy. Troy looked at him then to a basketball that was rolling past them. He shook his head,
“Nothing. . .” he muttered leaning himself back onto the basketball post. Tyler looked at him with a curious look. Standing up Tyler dusted his shorts and shook his head, sweat rolling down his face. Squeals and screams of the fangirls that watched them. Troy rolled his eyes and stood up stretching himself, his singlet clinging to his well toned chest from the sweat. He looked at Tyler and grinned running his fingers through his hair, giving him a ‘bed’ look. Hearing the girls practically die, he shot Tyler a smug look.
“See you later.” he said his smirk growing ever bigger as he walked to the team’s showers. . .


Annette stared at her dinner, chicken breast with broccoli. She swung her legs under the table as she looked at her sister from across the table. All that was on her plate was broccoli. She sighed, Amy was the skinny daughter of the family, the beautiful one that always had one guy on her arm per weekend,
“What had enough to eat two days ago when you ate that whole chicken?” Amy taunted, her lips carved permanently into the smile that haunted Annette’s childhood. . .

“Oh look it’s little. . . No wait big Annette.” her sister said laughing in her face on her 10th birthday. Her father was in Japan for a car dealership and all her mother cared about was getting Amy pretty dresses to dress her up in.
“Amy darling come here, Aunt Kate sent down some dresses for you to try on!” her mother’s delicate voice rang through the house’s hallways. Her beautiful mother appeared in front of them, her hair tied up in a tight bun with tendrils falling down past her face. The smile on her soft and loving as it looked upon her daughter Amy. Her favorite daughter giggled and bounded to her. Annette walked towards her mother and held out a flower she had picked for her mother from the flower garden. Her mother’s eyebrow rose and picked the flower out of her daughter’s hand and looked at it closely. Her lips curled in disgust,
“That flower is rotten! Really what are you good at?” she said sharply to her daughter the look of disgust turning to anger when she looked at Annette’s clothes,
“Stop eating! Very soon you’ll be as big as a. . .” she just shook head,
“I cannot deal with this. . .Annette just go to your room, I can’t beat the sight of you.” Annette bit her lip bottom lip before running to her room bursting into tears,
“I’m sorry mummy for not being Amy. . .” little Annette said in between sobs before falling off to sleep. . .

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