They Don't Know About Us......

Hi I'm Marlene but everyone call's me Marley. I am 5.4ft tall and i have long brown hair with bluey/grey eyes and I am 19 years old.I have a younger sister named Katrina but everyone calls her Kat. She is 16, turning 17 and had blonde hair and green eyes. We both have things in common like. We love one direction, my favourite is Niall and Kat's is Harry. We can both play piano and guitar and sing.My favourite color is green and Kat's favourite color is blue. We also love animals and love to surf,
We live in Australia in Melbourne. I planned a surprise beach party for my sister and invited a lot of people but you'll never guess who ended up coming and being passed out in our house.
Who is it?
Will they get to know them?


1. Plan

Marley's POV

I snick out of the house and started the car. Kat was still asleep and she was turning 17 this week so i was going to surprise here with a beach party. I drove to Melbourne city after leaving a note for Kat. 

I arrived outside the party store.I bought red plastic cups for the booze and also bought a load other stuff for the party. Then i went to get her presents:

1. 1D CD

2. 1D Earphones

3. New dress for her party

4. New Bikini

5. New Heel's

etc etc....

She was the only family i had left now and it was going to be her birthday. I loved my sister but she can bereally annnoying when she wears my chlothes and shoes without permission i feel like i want  to kill her sometimes.



This is my first chapter what do you think????
Help me with ideas people please?????

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